Parliament says ZINARA staff, board must be investigated for abuse of office

Parliament says ZINARA staff, board must be investigated for abuse of office

In doing its work, not only does the Committee measure compliance arising from reports of the Auditor General or other reports but the Committee also looks at constitutional and statutory compliance in so far as it relates to financial and audit matters.


The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) was established in 2001 by the Roads Act [Chapter 13:18] to administer the fixing, collection, management and disbursement of road funds.

ZINARA is administered by a board appointed by the Minister responsible for Roads and Transport in terms of Section 8 of the Roads Act [Chapter 13:18].

The functions of the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) are spelt out in Section 7 of the Roads Act. The functions of the Road Fund are spelt out in Section 13(3) of the Roads Act [Chapter 13:18].

The Road Fund is funded primarily by road use charges that largely consist of vehicle licence fees, road tolls and other road charges.


As part of its routine work, the Committee received and analysed the 2017 and 2018 Auditor General’s Reports and a 2017 Special Forensic Audit Report that was carried out by Grant Thornton on behalf of the Auditor General at the special instance and request of the then Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development.

The Committee received oral evidence from key stakeholders that included the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development and his Permanent Secretary, the Board of Directors for ZINARA, the Acting Chief Executive Officer and Senior Management of

ZINARA and representatives from some of the contractors awarded contracts by ZINARA.

The Committee thoroughly analysed the same and made findings and recommendations guided by the Constitution of Zimbabwe and several relevant Acts of Parliament.

Summary of the Committee’s key findings

This report makes important findings and conclusions which are contained in the main body below. The findings and recommendations provided therein, are only a non- exhaustive summary of the Committee’s findings and recommendations.

Presentation of Audit Reports

The Committee finds that there is a challenge in respect of which special, forensic and audit reports are tabled before Parliament. The current law rests the responsibility and obligations on the responsible Minister without any timelines and clearly defined procedures.

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