Parliament says ZINARA staff, board must be investigated for abuse of office

Parliament says ZINARA staff, board must be investigated for abuse of office

Given the frequency in the number of private actors that are pleading the defence of the High Court privilege before Parliament, it is time the National Assembly makes a strong point on this issue and if need be seeks a declarator from the High Court.

The Standing Orders need amendment so that they make it clear that there is no privilege for those that are appearing before a Parliamentary Committee to give evidence.

The Committee acknowledges the setting up of the Central Internal Audit Unit whose function among other things is to receive all internal audit reports. The reports should be transmitted to the Auditor General and to Parliament, consistent with regional best practices.


Corporate Governance Issues

The Committee makes the finding that there was no corporate governance at ZINARA, that there were no systems, no manuals and no sound procedures for the running of the organisation.

The Committee makes the finding that ZINARA was totally and absolutely misrun and totally mismanaged. As a result, there was gross abuse of resources, no corporate governance culture and no corporate compliance.

The Anti-Corruption Commission must investigate the abuse of office by current and former ZINARA officials as covered in this report.

The Committee recommends that disciplinary action should be taken within a period of six months upon adoption of this report, against all concerned employees at ZINARA from senior and middle management to lower case staff that were operating during the period under discussion. Where employees have left or resigned, we recommend the institution of criminal proceedings for abuse of office or corruption. ZINARA must develop financial and human resources manuals, with the aid and assistance of experts;

The current and former Board of Directors who were unlawfully paid allowances outside the terms of reference and contracts should be asked to refund and pay back what was paid to them within six (6) months of the adoption of this report. In the event of failure, legal action should be instituted.

ZINARA must as a matter of urgency and within three (3) months of adoption of this report, seek expert help from accounting officers, audit firms, human resources firms and legal practitioners to develop the following:

  1. Human resources policies and manuals;
  2. Accounting policies, systems and manuals;
  • Recruitment policies and manuals; and
  1. Administration policies and manuals.

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