Tshabangu says it will take 67 years to complete the Bulawayo-Nkayi Road at the current pace


Senator Sengezo Tshabangu yesterday expressed dismay at the pace at which the government is constructing the Bulawayo-Nkayi Road saying at the current pace it will take 67 years to complete the road.

He said construction of the 158-km road, which began in 1993, was supposed to be completed in six years but the road is still not complete more than 30 years down the line.

The government had only constructed 58 km since 1999 which means that they were building 1.6km a year.

At this pace, he said, it would take another 67 years to complete the road.

Full debate:

HON. TSHABANGU: Thank you very much Mr. President.  One question is a supplementary whereas the other is another question.   I have a question that I want to put to the House…


HON. SEN. TSHABANGU: It is not about the Minister of Finance.

THE ACTING PRESIDENT OF SENATE: Unfortunately, you cannot do that…

HON. SEN. TSHABANGU: I want to demonstrate something that is going to…

THE ACTING PRESIDENT OF SENATE: Order, order! Hon. Senator Tshabangu, may you take your seat.  Once the Minister has responded and no one has decided to ask a supplementary question, you cannot then ask a supplementary question in retrospect.  It becomes a new question.  So, if you want to make it a new question, then you only have one question that you are purporting to be a supplementary. So you cannot ask the two questions because our time is so limited.  It is either  you turn that supplementary into a question or you forget about the supplementary and ask a complete question to a completely new Minister.

HON. SEN. TSHABANGU: I will seek an extension of this session and in that regard, I would want to raise this important question.  I have two important questions. It was a supplementary question.

The Minister of Transport, the Nkayi-Bulawayo Road is 158 km and that road started in 1993. At that time, it was expected to be completed in 1999.  In theory, it was supposed to take six years.  It means the road was supposed to be completed in six years unless the Government policy has changed.

Let us come back to date, the road has been resurfaced since 1993…

THE ACTING PRESIDENT OF SENATE: Order Hon.  Senator! Do not debate, ask your question?

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