Zimbabwe’s MDC-Alliance giving ZANU-PF too much credit for its own failures

Zimbabwe’s MDC-Alliance giving ZANU-PF too much credit for its own failures

Blessing Dzira said it was naïve to expect political competitors not to take advantage of the opposition’s shortfalls. The MDC, he said, was equally guilty for giving ammunition to its enemies.

“Had the party been as democratic as it claims, we shouldn’t have noticed the leadership wrangles and subsequent fallout. With such quest for power and self-aggrandizement, the MDC in all forms will become worse than the system it seeks to replace. There is no opposition party that currently has the political will to fight for the best interest of the people it ought to serve and protect,” he said.

Charles Dube said Manyenyeni had spoiled his otherwise good analysis by blaming ZANU-PF for the opposition’s misfortunes.

“You spoil your otherwise good analysis by inserting what has otherwise become the opposition trademark of giving all the credit for their misfortunes to ZANU-PF, when the truth begins to point to internal weaknesses,” he said.

“You are afraid of telling each other the truth lest telling the truth earns a ZANU label for the analyst. Thus, when u lose elections, it will be ZANU-PF. When u fail to run local authorities, ZANU-PF. When you fight among yourselves, ZANU-PF. When your councilors engage in corruption, they become ZANU-PF.

“You will die a mourning and weeping party because like a spoilt brat who cries when hungry, happy, itching, pressed for wee or number 2. You weep when you perform beyond expectations in elections motochemera kuti ndini ndahwinha just because it was within reach.  You even provoke fights because you think your father can beat everyone, but when u get hit, you are quick to weep and mourn.

“Do not take this personally, I was looking at the general psyche of the opposition which might make otherwise brilliant analysts fail to get to the bottom of what’s happening in your own organisation. Ndofunga makaroyewa neZANU-PF.”

Charles Munkuli said Manyenyeni was being overly diplomatic by saying that the succession issue was not handled satisfactorily.

“Let me help you. A more accurate position: Chamisa broke the law. Him and him alone. Of the top 6 at the time, he was the only person against the congress. He trumped them all because of the misguided support he has on the ground. The succession was in contravention of the law – the constitution. It was a coup. Chamisa became an illegitimate leader according to the law – firstly, before we start talking about observers and aspirants’ pedestrian opinions,” he said.

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