Zimbabwe’s MDC-Alliance giving ZANU-PF too much credit for its own failures

Zimbabwe’s MDC-Alliance giving ZANU-PF too much credit for its own failures

Munkuli disputed the claim that ZANU-PF was responsible for the demise of the opposition except if this related to G40 which he said was giving Chamisa bad advice all the time.

“ZANU-PF does not have to do anything at all; the MDC is burning itself on its own. Every single catalyst can be easily traced to the MDC itself. ZANU-PF is simply a bemused spectator like the rest of us,” he said.

The same sentiments were shared by Stephen Chan, co-author of the book: Why Mugabe won, which describes why the MDC lost the 2013 elections.

“The various factions of the MDC are doing the work of ZANU-PF and … the ruling party can barely hide its delight that the once formidable opposition is now splintered into two feuding half-parties, neither of whom would be strong enough to win an election,” Chan told the Daily News.

“Basically the MDC is not only falling apart, it has actually fallen apart. It cannot challenge ZANU-PF in this current factional state. ZANU-PF must be delighted that the opposition insists on opposing itself. Chamisa seems to have lost his drive and his strategic energy.”

Manyenyeni confirmed that the opposition was its own worst enemy.

“If you want to see an MDC person fight fiercest,” he wrote, “just give him an internal enemy to fight.”

Munkuli said, however, that although the people were disillusioned by the MDC, they would still vote for it because they were very naïve.

“Sane people have been disillusioned by now. 21 years! They can easily see there is no hope in the MDC. Mahumbwe. Tragedy is the clueless voting majority will still give life to this derailed MDC project at the expense of alternative solutions. So they watch from the terraces as they cannot overpower the politically ignorant and naïve voters who constitute the majority. Maybe we must introduce minimum qualifications and IQ tests before anyone can be eligible to vote. Our problems could be over, overnight,” he said.

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