Where the hell is Jonathan Moyo?

Just after the military intervention, the media both conventional and social was awash with news that former first lady Grace Mugabe had skipped to Namibia. But it turned out she had been in the Blue Roof all along but seemed to have lost a bit of weight and shine when was photographed after her husband resigned.

Could this be the same thing that is happening that Moyo and Kasukuwere are in the country but someone is tweeting on their behalf, creating tweets so controversial that we the public can believe it is really Jonathan Moyo tweeting?

It happened before with Baba Jukwa. He or she or they had everyone fooled and was killed after the job was done. ZANU-PF had won the elections with an overwhelming majority.  

It happened with Manheru. He was only killed recently when things got out of hand.

It could be happening with Jonathan Moyo.  I for one do not believe he is outside the country because of the original documents he is posting.

Besides, if he is outside the country where could he be hiding because he was the one who said on 8 November after reports that Mnangagwa had skipped the country: “In terms of truth & justice, the law has a long arm which can reach anyone, everywhere, any time. You can run but you can't hide!”



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