ZANU-PF Harare recommends firing of recently sworn in minister

Factionalism continues to rear its ugly head within the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front with the Harare province recommending the expulsion of recently sworn in Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan province, Miriam Chikukwa because she was one of the kingpins of the G40 faction that supported former first lady Grace Mugabe.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who took over two weeks ago, swore in Chikukwa on Monday.

He emphasised at his inauguration that Zimbabweans should never remain hostages of their past.

“I thus humbly appeal to all of us that we let bygones be bygones, readily embracing each other in defining a new destiny. The task at hand is that of rebuilding our great country. It principally lies with none but ourselves,” he said.

“I implore you all to declare that NEVER AGAIN should the circumstances that have put Zimbabwe in an unfavourable position be allowed to recur or overshadow its prospects. We must work together, you, me, all of us who make up this nation.

“Ours is a great country, endowed with rich resources and abounding in many opportunities for everyone who considers it home. Whilst I am aware that emotions and expectations might be high and mixed, I have no doubt that over time, we will appreciate the solid foundation laid by my predecessor, against all manner of vicissitudes, towards building an educated, enlightened, skilled and forgiving society.

“This is a formidable head-start we draw from our past, a plinth upon which to build developments in the present and to erect hopes for the future. Fellow Zimbabweans, as we chart our way forward, we must accept that our challenges as a nation emanate in part from the manner in which we have managed our politics, both nationally and internationally, leading to circumstances in which our country has undeservedly been perceived or classified as a pariah State.”




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