Was Jonathan Moyo really saved by Grace or someone else?


In an interview with online publication NewsHawks last week, Moyo said: “My family and I left first for Kasukuwere’s house and we were attacked there and ended up at Blue Roof…..We could not have possibly left the Kasukuwere residence and gone to the Blue Roof on our own. I can assure you that me and my family left for Kasukuwere on our own, but the rest of the story is complicated that I can’t tell you that story in these circumstances without implicating other people. I can’t do that. The first person, who told me that they wanted to kill me was President Mugabe after he met with them (the military). He was just seated there looking at me; he was also shocked that they wanted to kill me.  I was shocked to discover that this is what they wanted to do.”

Asked how he got out of the Blue Roof Moyo said: “We got out by getting out. It was not easy to get out of Blue Roof. It was relatively easier to get into Blue Roof on the coup night, because people were minding other things, you know, but to get out no.”

When reminded that he only escaped with a bag according to social media, Moyo responded: “I am acknowledging that you have put me in some sort of a fix. I cannot say this or that because you actually saw me carrying my katundu (parcel). You know the decision to take the bag was not planned. It happened in response to the horror. We did not plan to escape. Mnangagwa escaped but clearly it was planned, he even got help from the army. For us it was a clear and present danger, which was escalating and getting worse. We just had to go out of town and to get out through the most complicated means.

“It took us more than 24 hours to get out. It was an ordeal, which involved being in a car, on foot walking, part of it on a motorbike. The decision to leave, was like if you do not leave, you are dead. So, I had with me that bag, which I had which just happened to be in the room where I was. When I started the ordeal, I was in a room where there was that bag… What I could see is that bag and I had my passport, some documents, and the things that I had been writing.

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