Is Jonathan Moyo in Somalia or he is trying to throw people off?

Is Jonathan Moyo in Somalia or he is trying to throw people off?

Former Higher Education Minister and G40 kingpin Jonathan Moyo, who all along has been thought to be in Kenya, has given the impression that he is in the dungeon in Mogadishu, Somalia.

He said this in a tweet in which he was commenting on the awarding of new television licences to six operators yesterday.

“Seven free to air tv services in a small & dead market. Internet tv is best. Licensees are Zanu/military mouthpieces. Not licensing @TrevorNcube’s@HStvNews & @SupaCollinsM’s #ABCommunication is spiteful & scandalous. With Jonso in the Dungeon in Mogadishu, who will they blame?” he tweeted.

Zimbabwe has reportedly been seeking Moyo’s extradition from Kenya to face charges at home.

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe yesterday awarded licences to six operators:

  1. Zimpapers’ @ZTNnews
  2. Jester Media
  3. Acacia Media
  4. Fairtalk Communications
  5. Channel Zimbabwe
  6. Rusunguko Media

Applications by Trevor Ncube’s and Supa Mandiwanzira’s companies did not qualify.

Responding to Moyo’s comment about the denial of licences to Ncube and Mandiwanzira, @TerrenceMabika1 said: “Your poison is deep rooted in the Shake Shake building” to which Moyo responded: “You would think I was the President & First Secretary of ZanuPF, or even in the top 20 of its politburo members!”

“Please keep quiet @profjnmoyo, we know your legacy and given a chance you would have done worse,” tweeted @RoyRupere.

@NyombweM said: Prof you could have revolutionalised the media during your time. During your time we saw one of the pernicious laws that are being whose dictates are being into practice now albeit with the laws seemingly repealed.”

Moyo blamed former Information Minister Nathan Shamuyarira for blocking media reforms.

“I tried very hard and I almost did it, but in the end it did me. I had Nathan Shamuyarira as my boss. The rest is history!” he tweeted.

Moyo was information Minister from 2000 to 2005 and from 2013 to 2015. Shamuyarira, a former journalist and editor of the colonial Daily News was Information Minister an Independence but had retired from government when Jonathan Moyo took over but remained party secretary for information.

Ceasar Fox summed it all: “Jonathan, this is something  Mugabe in his 40 years  as the Monarch of his Kingdom of Zimbabwe  couldn’t  do wazvinzwa? Iwewe wakatomboita  Ministers of Information hauna zvawakaita. E.D might be giving his cronies licenses but its something  that  imi makatotadza.bvapa.”



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