Mliswa insists MPs are not cry-babies, they are just underpaid


HON. MLISWA: Hon. Speaker, you know everybody has a  package before they start work.  It includes holiday, school fees, medical allowances, education allowances; one of the issues that you push for as Parliament was to ensure that people further their education.  All these packages we do not have.  We are supposed to be paid a salary on top of a package which we are entitled to but we do not have a proper package or any package to talk about.  This US$2 000 we are talking about includes us paying school fees for our children. – [HON. MEMBERS: US$1 000.] –  I am just putting it to the nearest.

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon. Seremwe, would you please listen to what is being said here.  I can hear your voice from here. 

HON. MLISWA: So, at no point are we abusing State resources at all.  In terms of fuel coupons, Members of Parliament at times go without.  There is an outstanding amount in fuel coupons and so forth. So, it is important that we set the record straight and the media is told exactly what is happening.  If you keep quiet as Parliament, it seems as if it is true what is happening.  You represent us and I think the truth must be said about the packages of Members of Parliament.

What I can say to the people of Zimbabwe, understand that all the Members of Parliament here are the only ones who are serving.  They are servants of the people because they are under paid.  Parliament is underfunded.  For them to get to the constituencies is a miracle and we must thank God.  It only shows the passion that they have for their people.   – [HON. Members: Hear, hear.] – Some of them are failing.  Madam Speaker, in other countries, with the situation we have as Parliament, this country would not be governed at all.  We must thank these Members of Parliament for being disciplined, patriotic and nationalistic.  Otherwise, you see in other Parliaments how they behave pertaining to this.  Even those that are well funded, they still create havoc.  These Hon. Members have never created havoc.  There has always been peace under very stringent conditions. When we have recommended for the Executive to cut down on costs, the Executive costs are always high.  They have two cars. They get everything, incuding fuel coupons but we have oversight over the Executive.  The Executive  has never, despite us telling the Minister of Finance to cut down on the Executive expenditure so that we are able to be funded, that has never happened. Instead the Executive expenditure has gone high to the detriment of Members of Parliament who are supposed to be working.  That has made Members of Parliament to be compromised.

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