Zimbabwe needs thinkers and doers says former minister

Zimbabwe needs thinkers and doers says former minister

In his address, His Excellency President E. D. Mnangagwa described the constitutional alignment as “work in progress, notwithstanding the strides made in the previous sessions.” We must keep an eagle’s eye on this issue and others. It must now be business unusual NOT business as usual.

Indeed, the Child Justice Bill, which seeks to provide child justice system and outlaw child marriages as well as the Mandatory Sentencing for Rape and Sexual Abuse Bill will deserve our thorough scrutiny.

It is gratifying that the Rural Councils Bill intended to give  rural councils greater autonomy and the Traditional Leaders Act will be amended in line with the Constitution. Further, the Provincial and Metropolitan Council’s Bill, to facilitate the devolution of governmental powers and responsibilities to Provincial and Local Authorities constitute part of the Legislative Agenda.

Madam President, I am certain that some Hon. Senators in this august House will speak on the economy as reflected in the address especially on agriculture, mining, infrastructural development in all aspects and respects, tourism, environmental sustainability and more inclusive growth. The private sector should indeed come to the party.

The recent outbreak of cholera in some parts of the country must serve as a wake-up call in the provision and rehabilitation of archaic infrastructure in order to improve on our social services by investing more in water infrastructure, and sanitation as well as education and health-care.

Madam President, the challenges enshrined in the State of the Nation Address are complex and yet surmountable, if as a nation we can read and reflect in unity of purpose.

The recent increase in prices of goods and services including bread by retailers is cause for great concern. The appetite to profiteer at every turn, in unexplained circumstances has no justification whatsoever and the consumer deserves urgent protection. The Minister responsible has urged the retailers to reverse their prices. Let this happen with urgency or the law must take its full course.

The same applies to the shortage of unwarranted pump price hikes in some areas, leading to unacceptable queues and depressing inconvenience to the travelling public. Urgent solution is needed to avoid speculative conduct and illegal actors must face the full wrath of law.

This economy needs thinkers and doers. It is tired of tired minds. We must be constructive and focused, not be spectators to our own citizens. We must refuse to sleep or snore in this august House, for I know these are never on the Order Paper.

From the people, we come and to the people we must go. We are their servants and not their masters. We must therefore be accountable to them at all times.

Madam President, with these remarks consonant with my height, I want to thank you for this opportunity and wish us all a fruitful debate. I thank you.



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