The Nicholas Goche Wikileaks dossier


Nicholas Goche does not have a high profile but he is one of the most powerful politicians within the Zimbabwe African National- Union Patriotic Front. This is shown by the fact that President Robert Mugabe selected him as one of the chief negotiators in the talks that led to the signing of the Global Political Agreement and the formation of the inclusive government. There are 95 cables that mention his name.

Here is the first batch:

85-Goche part of a third “loose” faction in ZANU-PF?

84-Biti says Gono is a thief

83-Botswana official says Zuma is a big disappointment

82-ZANU-PF and MDC resolve some outstanding issues

81-Goche toes the party line through and through

80-Tsvangirai says Gono transferred $100 million into his personal account

79-What Mugabe was thinking

78-Mzembi says Mugabe will not support Mnangagwa or Mujuru to succeed him

77-Mai Mujuru sides with MDC to oppose farm invasions

76-Sipepa Nkomo says Mai Mujuru was very critical of ZANU-PF

75-Mugabe, Tsvangirai reward loyalty for cabinet picks

74-Inclusive government the only game in town

73-Chamisa and Biti did not want GPA

72-Biti says ZANU-PF refusing to give in on ministries

71-Mangoma wanted to be Minister of Finance

70-Government lifts ban on operations of NGOs

69-Kutama spared from food ban because of Mugabe’s son

68-Tsvangirai, Biti barred from travelling to SADC summit

67-Masiyiwa says Chinamasa and Goche lack enough authority

66-Political tug-of-war- Mugabe versus Tsvangirai

65-Mujuru found Tsvangirai more acceptable than Mnangagwa

64-Mai Mujuru tried to outmanoeuvre Mnangagwa during unity talks

63-Why Mugabe went ahead with the presidential elections runoff in 2008

62-Biti ill-treated in jail

61-US ambassador finds no new evidence of violence

60-Ncube says unity talks are on

59-Gono says Mugabe has terminal cancer

58-Mnangagwa assumed virtual presidency role in runoff

57-Mbeki said Tsvangirai was a western puppet hook, line and sinker

56-Goche, Chinamasa and Mnangagwa were prepared to ditch Mugabe

55-Why ZANU-PF changed its mind about Mugabe exit

54-Goche negotiated Mugabe exit with MDC

53-ZANU-PF planned to rig 2008 election a day after vote- Wikileaks

52-How to make money in an economic crisis

51-Dabengwa was confident Mugabe could be defeated

50-Goche refused US offer for a Mugabe exit package

49-Gono gives copy of letter to Mugabe to US ambassador

48-Goche says Mutasa and Bonyongwe are obstructionist

47-Chronology of Zimbabwe talks April to October 2007

46-Mugabe named Mnangagwa his successor in 2007!

45-Biti told US officials MDC had no chance in the 2008 elections

44-Poultry producer uses political patronage to survive

43-Mandaza says the MDC is fractured, weak and irrelevant

42-Manhanga says Pius Ncube was set up but adultery allegations are true

41-Biti says Mufamadi hit the roof after reviewing ZANU-PF paper on talks

40-ZANU-PF fails to turn up for talks

39-Zimbabwe talks kick off

38-Zvoma forced to terminate US support to parliament

37-Figures don’t add up

36-The differing views of the ZCTU and the ZFTU

35-Lock-step loyalty key for appointment by Mugabe

34-MDC tried to lure expelled ZANU-PF politicians ahead of 2005 elections

33-Chombo among top officials asked to surrender farms

32-Mnangagwa beat Mujuru in 2004 but Mugabe rejected the results- Wikileaks

31-MDC on hectic travel

30-Mutasa scores another victory in Manicaland

29-Mnangagwa used state funds to finance succession campaign!

28-Nigerian President leaves Zimbabwe empty handed

27-Mugabe succession elusive

26-Judge says CIO boss must answer questions about payment vouchers

25-CIO boss admits destroying vouchers in Tsvangirai case

24-Mugabe rewards loyalty not competence

23-Sikhanyiso Ndlovu says Border Gezi was uneducated and immature

22-How to get Mugabe to step down

21-Simba Makoni says we will not play chase after Johnny

20-Mugabe says if the British won’t honour their obligations, we won’t either

19-Goche says he does not know who is calling the shots in DRC

18-Mnangagwa denies new clashes in DRC

17-US ambassador warns MDC not to speak of violent actions

16-Goche tells US ambassador MDC is a violent party

15-Goche back to his roots as spymaster

14-Mugabe off to meet Kabila

13-Goche says MDC could have put up a frog and people would have voted for it

12-Goche has diplomatic flu

11-MDC expected to win at least 80 seats in 2000

10-Chamisa stripped of powers

9-Mugabe outmanoeuvred MDC to increase size of cabinet

8-Goche in new inclusive government

7-Government lifts ban on NGOs

6-Goche and Chinamasa in MDC talks

5-Goche suspends operations of all NGOs

4-Goche orders CARE to suspend operations

3-US embassy wanted reward Josiah Hungwe for providing useful information- Wikileaks

2-Goche lists organisations seeking regime change

1-Makoni defends land reform


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