The Nelson Chamisa Wikileaks dossier


Nelson Chamisa has been one of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s strongest backers from his days at college. Former United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Christopher Dell also thought Chamisa had talent and was one of the exceptions in the party. Our initial search shows there are 74 cables that mention his name. Here are the cables we have published so far.

67-A week of raids, arrests and mayhem

66-Biti says ZANU-PF is too preoccupied with Mugabe succession

65-ZANUPF and MDC resolve some outstanding issues

64-Don’t insult the Prime Minister

63-US paid $100 000 for past delivery of mail

62-Tsvangirai says Gono transferred $100 million into his personal account

61-Mai Mujuru sides with MDC to oppose farm invasions

60-Mugabe, Tsvangirai reward loyalty for cabinet picks

59-MDC MP convicted of forging nomination papers

58-Chamisa says US rhetoric on Mugabe is counterproductive

57-Tsvangirai acknowledges Mugabe’s resilience

56-Chamisa says Biti wanted to become Deputy Prime Minister

55-Mugabe cannot drag the country into elections just because he lost

54-Chamisa says Tsvangirai’s US advisor is a big problem

53-US ambassador says some reports of violence by MDC are questionable

52-Chamisa and Biti did not want GPA

51-Mzembi says there is no rift between Mugabe and Mnangagwa

50-MDC humiliates Mugabe

49-MDC paralysed by spate of arrests

48-Bennett says Masiyiwa is a control freak

47-Bennett predicted shock victory for MDC in 2008

46-US ambassador refuses to buy MDC spin

45-Behind the scenes in the run-up to the 2008 elections

44-Chamisa said MDC would be finished if it boycotted 2008 elections

43-Government arrests human rights lawyers

42-Bennett kept million-dollar funding to MDC secret to keep vultures at bay

41-EU banks on SADC to put pressure on Zimbabwe

40-Grace Kwinje and Sekai Holland barred from leaving the country

39-Funeral of MDC activist postponed because leaders are in hospital

38-Chiredzi South by-election expected to bolster Mnangagwa

37-The Zimbabwe we want

36-Tsvangirai leads march on parliament

35-MDC attacks MDC

34-Chamisa says “without VOA we are done”

33-Tsvangirai says there is no room for life presidents in Zimbabwe

32-MDC leaders from Manicaland arrested on arms charges

31-Fees rise from one cow to six per semester

30-Bennett says Tsvangirai is the MDC’s only chance

29-MDC split gets nastier

28-Chamisa says taking MDC split to court is political lunacy

27-MDC seeks “continued” US Support

26-MDC tries to foment disturbances after crackdown on illegal activities

25-A kinder gentler ZANU-PF- not likely!

24-Tsvangirai advisor speaks about challenges to MDC

23-Chamisa back in the can

22-POSA-the curse of the MDC MP

21-Two by-elections critical to ZANU-PF succession planning

20-Chamisa, Musekiwa, Jongwe and Sikhala are ZANU-PF plants!

19-Tsvangirai charged over careless remark about Mugabe

18-Chamisa arrested for inciting violence

17-Chamisa and Gandi Mudzingwa quizzed over arms caches

16-Chombo protects “corrupt” MDC councillors

15-Newspaper says three MDC ministers are facing corruption charges

14-Zimbabwe deports UN Special Rapporteur on torture

13-Tomana refuses to budge

12-Tsvangirai’s honeymoon over

11-Chamisa stripped of powers

10-Rare week in Harare

9-Tsvangirai says there was a one-in-one-thousand chance that accident that killed his wife was intentional

8-Chamisa versus Mugabe

7-Chamisa’s 78-year-old grandmother assaulted in run-up to presidential elections

6-MDC sets conditions for SADC agreement

5-Dell says talent is thin in MDC

4-Dell walks out on Mumbengegwi

3-US embassy says Chamisa a hardliner who does not shrink from a fight

2-Confusion still abounds over Jongwe’s death

1-Rumours fly as MDC spokesman dies in jail


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