The Herbert Murerwa Wikileaks cables


Herbert Murerwa has been one of the longest serving members of President Robert Mugabe’s government. He has served as a civil servant, then as a diplomat and finally as a minister. The Harvard-educated Murerwa, who has been Minister of Finance more than once, has been variously described as decent but ineffective and “too much of a gentleman”. There are more than 50 Wikileaks cables on him. Here is the first batch.

53-Doing business Zimbabwe- style

52-White farmers wanted US$20 billion compensation to end land dispute

51-Murerwa wanted any other ministry besides Lands

50-Mugabe sidelined Mnangagwa and Mujuru

49-Murerwa moved to Lands

48-ZANU-PF Senate can delay but not stop legislation

47-US ambassador said Gono was increasingly acting as de facto Prime Minister

46-IMF said Gono was the worst central banker in the world

45-Gono ambushed the nation

44-Mugabe prepared to repeal repressive laws to get loan from SA

43-Gono was aware Masamvu talked to US embassy officials

42-Murerwa sparked stampede from stock market

41-Embassy wanted Murerwa’s wife added to the financial sanctions list

40-US embassy official said he expected no change while Mugabe was still alive

39-Embassy said it was unfortunate for Murerwa to be appointed Finance Minister

38-Makoni right candidate wrong country

37-Gono pleaded with Dell for 90 minutes

36-Murerwa said US was exaggerating Zimbabwe’s shortcomings

35-Gono shocked by IMF analysis of 2005 budget

34-Murerwa forecast growth in 2005

33-Government more receptive to criticism from business than MDC

32-Gono said Mugabe is amenable when approached in a proper manner

31-Murerwa unwilling to let Zimbabweans face uncomfortable facts

30-Gono laughed off Made’s crop forecasts

29-Kuruneri overshadowed by Gono

28-Cabinet reshuffle showed power of hardliners and military

27-Gono rattled feathers

26-Everyone waited for Gono

25-Gono was central banker, Finance, and Trade minister melded in one

24-Murerwa left everything to Gono

23-Gono did not want RBZ job

22-Mugabe joined Jonathan Moyo and Made in blame game

21-Made scuttled US$30 million tobacco deal

20-Herald attacks Murerwa

19-Murerwa offered no solution

18-Why there was no progress

17-Murerwa said he disliked price controls

16-No milk for Murerwa’s tea

15-Miners worried about skewed exchange rate

14-ExxonMobil urged government to cut fuel subsidy way back in 2003

13-Zvobgo said Mujuru, Makoni and Beta wanted Mugabe out

12-Industry asks: Will Mugabe listen?

11-Murerwa’s budget was laden with inconsistencies

10-Business tries to engage Mugabe

9-Did government accept GMO food in 2002?

8-Murerwa short bio

7-Mugabe rewards loyalty not competence

6-Mugabe placated Mujuru!

5-Was diplomat sidelined because of his brother?

4-US ambassador described Mugabe as a strategic thinker

3-IMF resident rep saw bleak future for Zimbabwe

2-US embassy said Murerwa is a decent but ineffective minister

1-Murerwa joked it was better to be Minister of Education than Finance


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