Temba Mliswa and Dexter Nduna’s apologies in full



HON. NDUNA:  I stand on a matter of privilege Mr Speaker Sir, Section 68 of the Standing Rules and Orders, as read with Section 86 of the Constitution, if you indulge me Mr. Speaker Sir.  I will make reference to some notes on my phone, otherwise it is premised on an incident that occurred on 11th February 2019, in the Mines and Minerals Committee where an altercation occurred between myself and my brother Hon. Mliswa.  Mr. Speaker Sir, when you are in a fight there is no formula, you use a hoe, a pick, a shovel, a wheelbarrow or anything that is at your disposal.  Notwithstanding, I want to profusely apologise for the words that I uttered.  I did not mean anything that I said to Hon. Mliswa and I take back my words.  I want to be treated in the same way that I am presenting this apology so that the decorum of Parliament can be upheld.  My statement goes as follows:-

I make reference to the unfortunate and regrettable incident that occurred during the meeting of the Portfolio Committee of Mines and Minerals Development on Monday, 11th February, 2019.

Mr. Speaker Sir, I stand here to tender my …

THE HON. SPEAKER:  Order, order, Hon. Mudarikwa.  I thought your seat was up there. – [HON. MUDARIKWA:  I am sorry Mr. Speaker Sir!] – Please take your seat.  Thank you, please carry on.

HON. NDUNA:  Yes, I rise to tender my unreserved apology to you Hon. Speaker Sir as the head of Parliament and Chairperson of the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders and also to all members of your Committee on Standing Rules and Orders, the institution of Parliament and to my party, ZANU PF.

On my part, the fracas which had the unintended effect of undermining the integrity of Parliament as a whole, I make no excuse for the dishonourable behaviour I displayed on the day in question and the unpalatable utterances that I made in the heat of the moment, save to say that I unconditionally apologise for my behaviour.

On hindsight, it is clear to me that I could have reacted differently even in the face of brazen provocation which had the effect of maligning my character and reputation.  I could have chosen a more dignified response to the aspersions cast on my character and standing that would ultimately protect my reputation, the name of my party ZANU PF and integrity of the institution of Parliament.  As it is, I am fully aware that my behaviour was injurious not only to my person but also to my party and Parliament…

HON. SIKHALA:  On a point of order Mr. Speaker Sir.  My point of order concerns a very important legal principle and also on a technical aspect.

A confession, nowhere at law can it be withdrawn.  He confessed that he murdered people and he must rather tell us the number of people whom he killed.  He said that he murdered people and it is a confession… – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] –   Mr. Speaker, it is a confession that we would humbly ask this House to investigate. – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] –

THE HON. SPEAKER:  Order, order, this is not open for debate.  Can the Hon. Member conclude his story?

HON. NDUNA:  Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir. As I conclude, I am fully aware that my behaviour was injurious not only to my person but also to my party ZANU PF and Parliament as a whole.  The behaviour that I displayed on the day in question is not in tandem with the sacred title of ‘Honourable’ that I carry and flies in the face of the people who elected me into office.

Pursuant to this, I have since issued a public apology on the matter and I intend Mr. Speaker Sir, as I am showing right now, to sincerely show contrition and regret by apologising to members of the Portfolio Committee on Mines and Mining Development and to members of this august House.

Mr. Speaker Sir, please unreservedly accept my apology over my part in the matter.  I have also sincerely tendered my apology to His Excellency the President Hon. E. D. Mnangagwa in person on the same matter.

Mr. Speaker Sir, your forgiveness is highly sought after my humble submission.  I thank you.


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