Robert Mugabe Wikileaks cables – Part Thirteen

21-ZIDERA meant to punish Zimbabwe for doing the right thing

22-Zambian diplomat says ZIDERA is welcome if it will hasten Mugabe’s departure

23-Sydney Masamvu- Martial law looms in Zimbabwe

24-Daily News editors arrested

25-Mugabe says US is trying to rule Zimbabwe by remote control

26-Harassment of journalists continues

27-Two sides to the Abuja agreement

28-Mugabe sent Bush a message of condolence on 911

29-Mugabe trapped

30-Zimbabwe shuts out uninvited election observers

31-Jonathan Moyo says violence begets violence

32-Reader says Mugabe’s condolence message to Bush is hypocritical

33-Paper asks why monitor Mugabe and not Bush?

34-US ambassador’s anti-terror opinion piece receives wide coverage

35-Mugabe liable to pay damages for violence

36-ZANU-PF has become a monster

37-Mugabe undeterred by sanctions

38-Jonathan Moyo fighting terrorism!

39-Change of radio station shuts off VOA

40-Mugabe dressed down

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