Mujuru says she knew the ZANU-PF honeymoon was not going to last


Zimbabwe People First leader Joice Mujuru, who was expelled from the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front for allegedly plotting to assassinate President Robert Mugabe to take over leadership of the party, says she knew that the honeymoon in ZANU-PF was not going to last.

Mujuru, who registered her party last Friday, told the Voice of America that she was not surprised by the current chaos and infighting within ZANU-PF because the party had been taken over by a group of power-hungry people, a group of liars who could fabricate things if one had different views from them.

Mujuru, who was Mugabe’s deputy and heir apparent, was expelled from the party following allegations that she planned to take over power at the 2014 party congress and was allegedly even prepared to assassinate Mugabe to take over.

She said all this was lies. The people against her had pretended to be united but it was a marriage of convenience not something that would leave ZANU-PF as ZANU-PF.

“For a long time, if not over a year, I have not been giving any interviews,” she told VOA. “It’s because I knew that the things that were done to me were a way of getting rid of somebody whose views were different to what they had in mind. But it was a marriage of convenience. It was not something which they had that could leave ZANU-PF as ZANU-PF.”

Mujuru said she was not surprised at the present infighting that is pitting a group called G40 which backs First Lady Grace and another called Lacoste which is loyal to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“To me it wasn’t a surprise. I knew it was all lies and they were not saying the truth and I knew going to take long before the truth came out. And the world is now seeing for itself. Since I left the party I decided to just to leave it and don’t involve myself in what was going on in ZANU-PF. I did not want anything to do with them because I did not want to entangle myself with the goings on. It’s a group of power-hungry people, a group of liars, they can start thinking of just fabricating things that do not exist so I just decided to keep it to myself,” she said.

On my she had taken long to register her party, Mujuru said she wanted to make sure things were right before she did so.

“I should have done it mid-last year but I was refusing to do that without me convincing myself that I had done the best of recruiting that I wanted first,” she said.

Mujuru said her new party, Zimbabwe People First, has covered the whole country from Beitbridge to Mukumbura and  from the Botswana border to the Mozambique border.


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