MP says Transport Minister must be summoned to Parliament within 10 days to explain rot in ministry


Bulawayo South Member of Parliament Eddie Cross said Transport Minister Joram Gumbo must appear before Parliament within 10 days to explain the rot in his ministry where the permanent secretary was literally doing what he wanted with government funds.

Cross said it did not make any sense that the permanent secretary who had been using government funds at his discretion had been transferred to another ministry without any disciplinary action being taken against him.

“I think what we have got to say today is that we want the Minister, Hon. Gumbo to appear before this House within ten days or as soon as possible thereafter and give a full explanation of what he has done about these issues.  I do not think we should rest until that has happened,” he said.

Cross said he was shocked that Zimbabweans were buying number plates for $160 when they cost only $16 in neighbouring South Africa.

Besides the government only had one supplier for the past 23 years.

He was also disturbed at what was happening within the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA).

ZINARA was collecting $300 million a year and seemed to have become a cash cow for several government ministries.

Cross said while administration costs for ZINARA were not supposed to exceed 7 percent, last year they were 19 percent with the cash being splashed on luxury vehicles and administration offices.

It also carried out road repairs in Harare and Bulawayo without even notifying the mayors.

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