Chamisa blasts politicians for belittling God at Easter, says he has requested a meeting with Mnangagwa


Tuesday, 03 April 2018

Road to Victory (R2V): Nelson Chamisa on Tuesday

Fellow citizens, revolutionary and convivial greetings to you all.

We are just coming from the Easter holidays and I am deeply pained by some of my colleagues in the political industry who continue to belittle God and the role of the Church in our communities.

They have turned the church into platforms for rallies, in the process bastardizing the sanctity of the church. This past Easter alone, we saw hordes of politicians pontificating at church gatherings in the process desecrating the true meaning of Easter and the Church.

1. Celebrating the resurrection power of the Cross

The new Zimbabwe that I envision will be characterized by a true and honest separation between the State and the church.

I am a firm believer in the autonomy and independence of the church which must as an institution continue to be the custodian of a country’s values and the true moral compass of a nation.

The church must be a place of unity and peace. We have of late seen the church being reduced to a platform of hate and divisive language. The State or any political party for that matter must never be allowed to contaminate, weaken and compromise the church. Church capture must be vehemently resisted.

2. All roads lead to Bulawayo

On Saturday, the MDC and its Alliance partners move to Bulawayo, the country’s second largest city which features prominently in our vision as the hub and industrial capital of the new Zimbabwe.

In the Easter spirit of the power of resurrection, we are committed to resuscitate Bulawayo as the country’s industrial hub.

The city of Kings and Queens has for long been abandoned, neglected and forgotten—thanks to the legendary ineptitude of the party now occupying the seat of government.

2.1 Devolution is our revolution—    To devolve is to involve

In the spirit of devolution encapsulated in our Constitution, we will devolve power to all regions and communities so that local people are empowered to make decisions and to control and benefit from the resources around them.

Devolution is the true involvement of a people in the management of their own affairs and in the new Zimbabwe; we do not wish to continue this Hararenization of key national essential activities and services.

Indeed, to devolve is to involve and in the new Zimbabwe, devolution will be a reality so that all local communities are part of the national governance system.

For me, Bulawayo is special. Bulawayo reclaim its status as the industrial capital of the country and as the centre of innovation.

Zimbabweans need and deserve development. As a country, we need the strands of development to be felt in all corners of the country so that everyone feels they belong. As things stand, a lot of our communities justifiably feel left out of the government matrix of development.

We have to resolve that as a matter of urgency.

To the people of Bulawayo, come let us reason together at the White City Stadium on Saturday.

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Charles Rukuni
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