Beware of Magaya’s sponsorship of the Zimbabwe national soccer team-  MPs warn


Q &A:

*HON. MLISWA:  Thank you Mr. Speaker.  My question is directed to the Minister of Sport and Recreation.  First and foremost, congratulations for the win by the warriors but in terms of the national policy, I congratulate him for coming with that.  What does it say as regards the sponsorship of the national team?  At one time there was Mr. Chivhayo and now there is Mr. Magaya.  Bearing in mind that Prophet Magaya raises funds from the church, if the people do not go to church, what lasting solution have you put in place to the funding of the national team?  I thank you.

*THE MINISTER OF SPORT AND RECREATION (HON. HLONGWANE):  Thank you Mr. Speaker and thank you Hon. Mliswa for the question that you have posed.  Government policy is that Government funds the national teams but we encourage the corporate sector who would like to be associated with sport to also come in.  Because of our economy, there are various corporates which come in various forms and we would want to thank them for coming forward to ensure that sports progresses.

We find it even in our constituencies that business people are also involved to ensure that sports continue going forward.  ZIFA has a relationship with Mr. Magaya where the national team is accommodated in very good premises and we are quite grateful.  There is no problem.  This is not a contradiction to Government policy that Government funds national teams.  Where there is private capital to assist, we accept that. I thank you.

*HON. MLISWA:  My question is about sustainability.  If Mr. Magaya were to wake up angry and chase them away from his good hotel,  that will disturb the preparations of the players in terms of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.  What should be done is – we also heard that he has taken Mr. Pasuwa’s motor vehicle.  It has been repossessed.  Is there a written contract or a concept that is used or a contract that says for five years, he is going to be supporting the national team so that the players remain motivated and they will continue winning?  I thank you.

*HON. HLONGWANE:  My response is that it is not only Mr. Magaya but even a corporate company can be angry.  On the issue of sustainability in that regard, I agree with Hon. Mliswa.  It should be situated in the contract.  There is a difference between a donation and a sponsorship.  A sponsorship simply means that the organisation has agreed to put money in sport because of the values of the organisation and what is being done in sport.  There is a matching of values which is sponsorship.  If there is a sponsorship deal, it will be signed or deduced into by a contract because those that are giving their money expect certain things to be done.  We will urge ZIFA to ensure that there may be a contract with Mr. Magaya, that we will accept and we have no problems with that.  I thank you.

*HON. WADYAJENA:  Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir.  We want to ask the Minister of Sport and Recreation that, since Mr. Magaya gives money to football supporters, why is he forcing these players to go and pray in his church and they are given anointed oils and anointing waters and so forth.  How does this happen?  Is it part of the sponsorship package or these are the conditions of the sponsorship package or they are hoodwinking the players?  I thank you. – [HON. MEMBERS:  Inaudible interjections.] –

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER (HON. MARUMAHOKO):  Order, order.  Hon. Mutseyami, you are an Hon. Member and if you are happy, do not use your legs.  Do you clap with your legs – no, do not do that.

HON. MUTSEYAMI: I never did that.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  You do not use your legs to clap.

HON. MUTSEYAMI:  Mr. Speaker Sir, no, I did not do that.  It is not…

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  Order, you sit down.  I was watching you.

HON. MUTSEYAMI:  No, no.  You saw it wrongly.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  Hon. Member, I may ask you to go out.  I was watching you.

HON:  MUTSEYAMI:  For what reason?

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  You were making noise.

*THE MINISTER OF SPORT AND RECREATION (HON. HLONGWANE):  Hon. Speaker Sir, our Constitution says there is freedom of worship.  Each member has a right to worship whatever they believe in.  Players said they were not forced to go and worship in Mr. Magaya’s church.  That allegation which has been raised by the Hon. Member needs to be investigated.  If there is any coercion and if there is such coercion, we will look into it and see what steps could be taken in line with our Constitution, but what we know is that they voluntarily went there.  Every Zimbabwean has a right to freedom of worship.

*HON. WADYAJENA:  Mr. Speaker, he did not properly respond to the question because in the newspapers, the coach Mr. Mapeza said he ran away and Mr. Magaya said he would withdraw the support.  It would mean that he left and he could not go there after the team had won.  I want them to investigate on such issues – [HON. MEMBERS:  Inaudible interjections.]-

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  Order, order please.


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