Active coronavirus cases in Zimbabwe in the rise

Active coronavirus cases in Zimbabwe in the rise

The number of active coronavirus cases is increasing across Zimbabwe and has almost doubled from 230 at the beginning of the month to 433 today.

Though Bulawayo and Harare continue to have the highest numbers with 116 in Bulawayo and 71 in Harare only one province, Mashonaland West, had less than 10 cases today.

Two provinces had no cases at all at the beginning of the month, one had one, and the other two.

Mashonaland East and Masvingo, which had no cases, today had 14 and 39, respectively. Mashonaland Central which had one case, today had 10, while Mashonaland West which had two, now has eight.

There were 21 new cases today raising the total to 8 786 and only eight recoveries which saw the total rise to 8 096.

Deaths remained at 257.

Health Minister, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, yesterday expressed concern about the threat of a second wave of coronavirus.

“Despite the manageable casualty toll to date by Zimbabwe, the persistence and progression of the threat require our citizenry to remain alert. It is unfortunate though, that some of the people, in their own wisdom, decided to engage a relaxed mode,” he was quoted by the Herald as saying.

“It has become a common feature to catch sight of some of our brothers and sisters disregarding wearing of masks. If they wear them at all, most of them are left sagging like a necklace. Scientists have said the virus targets easily those with a weaker health system, but I say it preys more on ignorance, denial and wishful thinking.

“I have also noticed that some of our citizens no longer respect the observance of the one metre social distancing; let alone the upkeep of hygiene and sanitation by simply washing of our hands with soap and running water and utilisation of sanitisers.”

The number of cases continues to rise globally with 54.2 million cases reported so far. Some 1.32 million people have died, 37.7 million have recovered but there are still 15.1 million active cases.

The United States has just surpassed 11 million cases. Iran has overtaken South Africa to take the 14th place. Poland is closing in on South Africa.



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