Why caring people never get rich


If you tell someone earning less than $50k a year that they can earn $400k a year and work fewer hours, they wouldn’t believe you. For that reason, they will continually struggle. This is because every attempt to do the thing that is supposed to produce money for them will be done from a place of disbelief. If you doubt yourself, why should everyone not doubt you?

Everybody walks with their own illusion of difficulty. You would be surprised what you think is difficult that is easy peasy for another person. While some people are making a revenue of $1m their goal, some can get the money without being serious about business. They know what to do, and they know where to go. They have done it countless times. And they can do it half asleep.

Even kids born into such families who have watched everyone around them do it with ease, grow up and do it with ease even though it is their first time. Your difficulty is an illusion. But many people would rather be offended by that than embrace the change that can transform their lives.

What is so attractive about being unapologetic? People believe in unapologetic people. Not just that people believe what they say, but people find them follow-able. That is an important characteristic of a leader. And leaders tend to attract a lot of money into their experience. It is way easier for a leader to become rich than someone who is only following.

Here is one secret to financial success — lead at something. But you can’t lead at something if you are easily swayed by caring emotions. Leaders must be firm.

Just because you have the mental knowledge of something doesn’t mean you understand the practice of it. You can be good at repeating the words but have no idea how to play it out in real life. This is about wealth. And wealth is more than money.

Cash is a part of wealth, but there is more to wealth than cash. In fact, cash (that is, currency) can become devalued. That reduces the wealth of those who have cash. Wealth still remains wealth.

Many who want to attract wealth into their life think the answer is finding more ways to get money (or cash). While that is not a bad idea, you must remember that money can be created. Today, the central banks print money out and expect people to create productive ventures from it. The productive ventures give the cash the weight of value. But when everybody who gets the money is a spender, there is a big problem on the horizon.

To attract wealth into your life, you must think as one who already has it. You must not think as one who wants to get it. This is because the idea that is probably going to make you a millionaire or billionaire is already with you. But you have not yet awakened to it.

Most people make financial moves two years late. And if you think about this in your life, you will find it to be true. Maybe you made a good choice or a good decision recently. But if you think well, you realize that you could have made that same excellent decision two years ago but you just didn’t see it.

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Why the 2-year gap? The illusion of difficulty. Caring too much about what people think. Caring too much about what the world will say about you. The care is too much, you don’t even realize the decision. It is only after you made it that you realize that you could have done it two years ago.

Don’t bother trying to think about what you can do today that you will realize two years from now. You cannot run ahead of your internal capacity. But you can do yourself a favor for the years ahead. Start releasing resistance. Care a lot less. Become unapologetic.

A marketer was once asked why he always smoked a big cigar when he is making a pitch to a new client. He honestly answered that whenever he gives the client his price (which is their bill), he gets tempted to laugh. So, to avoid laughing, he puts the cigar in his mouth. That is a big display of being unapologetic. And guess what? It worked for him!

Most people are busy trying to explain why they deserve what they want. They care so much about it that the money runs away. If you want to receive a lot of money, don’t talk about your need. When you keep ringing the bells of how you need the money, it will keep drifting away. Money hates the needy vibe.

If you want to be rich, talk about what people want. Give people what they want. Build ideas of progress, prosperity, and improvement in the minds of people. Needy people have very little. But those who exude abundance keep getting more.

Some people are unhappy about this law of life. They are mad that people who have, keep getting more. And those who don’t have anything keep having less. They get so fired up about changing it, only to realize that they have further amplified it by their efforts.

You don’t try to change the laws of life. You educate people and watch them rise. If they decide not to, there is nothing you can do. To be wealthy is a conscious decision to take steps in the direction where wealth is common, and it is a subconscious decision to think from a place of prosperity.

Caring people often see what it takes and see themselves as incapable. Meanwhile, unapologetic people see no barriers. They are not emotionally attached. You can call them cold-hearted, but they go after what they want and be sure to get it. And when they see people who are emotionally triggered and who are making excuses, they don’t pity them. After all, they didn’t write those rules.

Unapologetic people grow richer because they don’t care. Caring people never have much because they keep considering all factors and other people. Do yourself a favor and go directly for what you want. Discard your illusion of difficulty. If you can trick your mind to believe it is easy, then it will be easy for you.

I hope you have gained insight. Cheers!- Medium


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