Why caring people never get rich


Everybody can name a few people they know who are caring and amazing people but never had much financially. Yes, they could be happy and content with what they had but they couldn’t carry out all the help they wish to. And this is because they don’t have that much money. On the other hand, the wealthy ones seem to be cold-hearted. Yes, they can be kind too. But they are unapologetic when it comes to money. So, is this a rule? Do you have to be cold-hearted to be rich? Well, not quite.

First, you have to understand that the financial world is not what many think it is. In fact, people ought to be taught the history of money in schools. I believe the history of money is much more important than money calculations. People don’t understand money today because they have no idea how it came to be in the first place.

Money was known to be a kind of reward for coming up with products and services. But it has since been morphed into something else. People are still trying to deserve money. But the smart ones know better.

In the past, the big money game was to create a product or service that brings in money. And many are still playing by that system today. But there is a greater system that has been launched. And this is using created money to create products and services.

The various governments of the world print money. Now, they are looking for someone who will turn their printed money into productivity growth. The printing of money without productivity growth leads to inflation. And a lot of economic disasters can follow that. But let’s stay on point here.

Caring people (in this context) are often those who don’t want to face these systems. They don’t want to face the stark reality of the history of money and what money is in today’s world. And this is where the unapologetic people come in.

Why are they unapologetic? Well, it is because you can’t see the way the financial system is rigged and be apologetic. You have to be decisive. You have to be tough. You have to be badass.

Many often rate delayed gratification as one of the main keys to success. While it is important, it is often misleading. Some people have been delaying their gratification for 20 years. They have still not gratified themselves.

Yes, a lot of people have a problem with instant gratification. And those people need to practice how to delay it. But most caring people don’t put themselves first. That is why we call them “caring”. They care so much that they hurt themselves just to make others happy. They never enjoy their lives because they want to get something for someone else. They think their deprivation is responsible for the success of those they care about.

We have seen it in many ways and forms. As an illustration, a single mother works 3 jobs just to afford to send her kid to college. While that kind of dedication is commendable, it exposes a big flaw. She believes she has to suffer to get something good for her kid. This is a mental limitation that is hard to break. Sometimes realizing that you can’t help such people find life easier is an important discovery.

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Charles Rukuni
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