Top 20 cities for the world’s super rich


How many millionaires, centimillionaires, and billionaires live in the world’s wealthiest cities?While such metrics are not all encompassing, these measurements of private wealth do help put the financial health and economic activity of some of the world’s wealthiest cities in perspective.This infographic uses information from the Henley Global Citizens Report, in partnership with New World Wealth, to rank the world’s wealthiest cities. It leverages a comprehensive data set that tracks the movements and spending habits of high-net-worth individuals in over 150 cities around the world.Which cities and regions have the biggest concentrations of millionaires around the world, each with a net worth greater than $1 million (USD)?
Millionaires and Billionaires in the Wealthiest Cities
In the latest edition of the ranking, North America has a strong showing with seven of the wealthiest cities, by number of millionaires.
In particular, the United States claims five of the cities in the top 10, including the very top spot with New York City.

Rank City Country Millionaires Billionaires
#1 New York United States 345,600 59
#2 Tokyo Japan 304,900 12
#3 San Francisco United States 276,400 62
#4 London United Kingdom 272,400 38
#5 Singapore Singapore 249,800 26
#6 Los Angeles United States 192,400 34
#7 Chicago United States 160,100 28
#8 Houston United States 132,600 25
#9 Beijing China 131,500 44
#10 Shanghai China 130,100 42
#11 Sydney Australia 129,500 16
#12 Hong Kong China (SAR) 125,100 28
#13 Frankfurt Germany 117,400 14
#14 Toronto Canada 116,100 17
#15 Zurich Switzerland 105,100 12
#16 Seoul South Korea 102,100 25
#17 Melbourne Australia 97,300 12
#18 Dallas United States 92,300 18
#19 Geneva Switzerland 90,300 16
#20 Paris France 88,600 15
Top 20 Cities 3,259,600 543

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