Time for ordinary Zimbabweans to drive the change


Funny how times flies! We are already into 2012. Normal elections are just 15 months away.

Four years ago, no one believed that the inclusive government would last this long. It has.

Parties continue to bicker. That is understandable. Change is very difficult because it involves moving people from their comfort zones into unknown territory. They are not sure whether they will continue to benefit or lose their privileges.

The normal lifespan of the current parliament ends in March next year. The country is still working on its draft constitution which has to go through a referendum. Yet, some people are already talking about elections this year.

Why? What is the hurry for? Who wants these elections? Is it the people or the politicians?

These are the questions that Zimbabweans should answer for themselves. The inclusive government, divided as it is from day one, has demonstrated that Zimbabweans can govern themselves-government or no government- if they put their minds to it.

So why should they allow politicians to call the shots when all the politicians are interested in are their own selfish interests, not those of the average Zimbabwean?

It is therefore now time for ordinary Zimbabweans to drive the change they want. As has already been proved over the past three years –makudo ndimamwe– politicians are the same regardless of their political party.

The Insider wants to provide Zimbabweans with the platform to express their views, uncensored. You can upload your own comments on anything under our column-Your say.

Let’s talk about issues, not personalities.

You can also expose corruption which remains one of the biggest impediments to our development. You can do this securely without any fear by using our Name and Shame column.

On our part we will continue to publish the Wikileaks cables until we go through them all. Our aim, as we have repeatedly stated, is to build a searchable database which we and our readers can use in future.

There are a lot of stories that we will want to follow up and investigate once we have set up our database.

So let us make 2012, the year of change, the year to gain real power and tell the politicians what to do instead of them telling us what to do.

We can do it. But we need to start now.


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Charles Rukuni
The Insider is a political and business bulletin about Zimbabwe, edited by Charles Rukuni. Founded in 1990, it was a printed 12-page subscription only newsletter until 2003 when Zimbabwe's hyper-inflation made it impossible to continue printing.


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