The Robert Mugabe Wikileaks cables


President Robert Mugabe has been at the helm of the country since February 1980. During the first decade he was revered and honoured as one of Africa’s foremost leaders. His star started fading during the second decade. In the third decade he became one of the most hated leaders in the world, sometimes only second to Saddam Hussein. But he has survived it all and is into his fourth decade as leader. There are 626 cables on him. Here they are.

626-US still wanted EU to have leverage on Zimbabwe

625-Journalist lectured on patriotism

624-China is a pernicious economic competitor with no morals

623-ZANU-PF said no more concessions until sanctions are lifted

621-EU renews sanctions on Zimbabwe

620-US assessment of inclusive government after one year in office

619-Doing business Zimbabwe- style

618-Pretoria ordered to pay farmer for not protecting him from Mugabe

617-Zimbabwe’s problems are centred on succession issue-strategist

616-ZANU-PF like a troop of baboons

615-Mugabe usurps Tsvangirai

614-Algerian ambassador on why it was important to arrange a graceful exit for Mugabe

613-What Obert Gutu said about Tsvangirai

612-Mwonzora called Mugabe a goblin

611-Australia wanted Mugabe out

610-Mutharika had longstanding personal rapport with Mugabe

609-Mugabe said Frelimo’s victory was his too

608-No land audit until sanctions are lifted

607-US ambassador’s analysis of Media Commission members

606-Indian ambassador says the Shona have no roots in Zimbabwe

605-Gay association in Zimbabwe has 400 members

604-Mystery surrounded Mugabe’s trip to Singapore

603-Grace Mugabe- I have very narrow feet so I only wear Ferragamo

602-Military likely to make Mnangagwa leader if Mugabe dies before naming successor

601-ZANU-PF an old party with problems

600-VP Mujuru held clandestine meeting with US ambassador

599-Mugabe, Mujuru call on supporters to shun factionalism

598-Tsvangirai said Gono was the lesser of two evils

597-Mugabe said McGee had become the right hand man of the MDC

596-US embassy said Mugabe is the glue that holds ZANU-PF together

595-Mugabe never misses an opportunity to travel to the West

594-Obama calls Mugabe a dictator

593-Old Mutual under pressure to divest from Zimpapers

592-ZAPU full of leftover old farts

591-The three groups in ZANU-PF

590-Swazi deputy PM said Mugabe was “losing it”

589-Mugabe moots fighting West in international courts

588-Ambassador says people underrate the power that Grace Mugabe wields

587-Swazi Minister said employees in Tsvangirai’s office earned US$7 000 a month

586-Biti said Gono was a thief

585-ZANU-PF’s outstanding issues

584-MDC to put Mugabe to test

583-Mugabe is the worst hardliner there is

582-SA minister called Mugabe “the crazy old man”

581-MDC boycotts cabinet meetings

580-MDC had no plan B

579-Mugabe attacks West’s obnoxious agenda

578-Tsvangirai piled pressure on Mugabe to appoint MDC governors

577-Mugabe calls for permanent seat for Africa on UN Security Council

576-Tsvangirai said SADC had responsibility to ensure parties abide by GPA

575-Museveni following Mugabe’s footsteps

574-Mugabe linked to powerful Oman business family

573-Tsvangirai frustrated but he cannot leave inclusive government

572-Mutambara queried why Mugabe was refusing to swear in Bennett

571-MDC pull out in 2009 was all a façade

570-Mugabe agreed to rescind Shamu’s appointments

569-Grace and the Nestle dispute

568-Gorden Moyo said without Mugabe there would be chaos

567-Tsvangirai confronted Mugabe

566-MP haunted by ngozi after election violence

565-Mugabe’s attitude towards Tsvangirai matures

564-Jonathan Moyo rejoins ZANU-PF

563-SADC wanted sanctions on Zimbabwe lifted

562-Tsvangirai says Mugabe is a tyrant

561-Mugabe told US delegation differences in GPA are “little issues”

560-Zuma to be tougher on Mugabe than Mbeki says Mantashe

559-MDC was prepared to accommodate Gono to get rid of Tomana

558-Mugabe stripped of honorary degree

557-Mahoso failed to make it to the ZMC

556-US wanted Mozambique to help curb diamond smuggling from Zimbabwe

555-US concerned about Mugabe’s successor

554-John Nkomo of little value to Mugabe

553-Tsvangirai was supposed to join Mugabe for UN trip in 2009

552-BBC correspondent complained about CIO meddling

551-Biti says ZANU-PF is too preoccupied with Mugabe succession

550-Tomana refuses to budge

549-Mnangagwa implicated in poaching scandal

548-Mugabe still in control

547-Mugabe astonished Mzembi was excluded from meeting with Obama

546-DRC said neither side wanted GPA to fail

545-Ministers gave principals one week to report on outstanding issues

544-Mugabe becomes chair of COMESA

543-MDC favoured people-driven constitution

542-Confusion over loan from China

541-ZANU-PF moved cabinet meet to prevent Tsvangirai from chairing

540-Mugabe wants reform but he has no control

539-Only a dead imperialist is a good one- Mugabe

538-Amnesty International and its love-hate relationship with Mugabe and Mutasa

537-Amnesty International and its love-hate relationship with Mugabe and Mutasa

536-Zimbabwe centre of trafficking in persons

535-Zimbabwe biggest liability on AfDB books

534-Mujuru working with Tsvangirai behind the scenes

533-Ambassador said Made is still burying his head in the sand

532-Mutambara said Mugabe gave Tsvangirai crumbs

531-US ambassador said Grace seems to have aged

530-US ambassador raised Save Valley issue with Mugabe

529-Why African leaders support Mugabe

528-Botswana urged US to strengthen the hands of change in Zimbabwe

527-Masiyiwa baffled by Tsvangirai and Biti’s view of Mugabe

526-Britain’s Miliband called for support for MDC-controlled ministries

525-Mogae said Mnangagwa or Mujuru cannot lead Zimbabwe

524-To us the word ‘Election’ means death

523-Biti described Mugabe as bosom buddy, lambasted Mnangagwa

522-Mugabe denied he had anything against Bennett

521-Meeting flops because no one knows who does what

520-Batswana were now asking why they should pay for Zimbabwe’s mess

519-Mangoma told US ambassador MDC had no desire to push Mugabe out

518-What Mugabe was thinking

517-An analysis of trade unions in Zimbabwe by the United States embassy

516-Mugabe says we will not bow to the donors

515-Rio Tinto lobbied KP to handle Zimbabwe with kid gloves

514-Mzembi said Mugabe will not support Mnangagwa or Mujuru to succeed him

513-Dlamini-Zuma on how US could help Zimbabwe

512-Mugabe entered inclusive government to save himself

511-Mugabe took time off to console Tsvangirai

510-Rare week in Harare

509-Why Mugabe can’t fire Gono

508-South Africa paid Zimbabwe $100m a month for peace to host World Cup

507-Namibia did not want to be diverted by political issues in Zimbabwe

506-KP chair said Zimbabwe was his primary challenge

505-Gono ZANU-PF’s poster boy for corruption

504-What a birthday bash!

503-Mugabe outmanoeuvred MDC to increase size of cabinet

502-Mpofu said Gono had grown too big

501-Tsvangirai challenges ZANU-PF actions

500-First Lady linked to platinum deal

499-Zambian civil society said Tsvangirai was arrogant and self-serving

498-Tsvangirai told McGee inclusive government would work

497-Mugabe brought usual suspects into inclusive government

496-Mangoma thought Mugabe and Tsvangirai would have equal powers in NSC

495-Grace Mugabe- I have very narrow feet so I only wear Ferragamo

494-Tsvangirai said his first order of business was to replace Gono

493-Half the people of Zimbabwe believe outside forces torturing them

492-Inclusive government the only game in town

491-Biti says Mugabe is tired

490-Mugabe has mastered the art of sleeping with one ear open

489-Tsvangirai said Mugabe needs me more than I need him

488-SADC gave Mugabe two weeks to swear in Tsvangirai

487-Why Zimbabwe dollarised

486-Botswana said it would only recognise a government where MDC had fair share of power

485-Biti said Mugabe and ZANU-PF were stupid not to compromise

484-Mugabe wants reform but he has no control

483-Tsvangirai on returning to Zimbabwe

482-Doing business in Zimbabwe 2009

481-Zimbabwe is a nightmare of a failed state

480-Mzembi said it was a mistake to take over Harare water supply

479-Tsvangirai acknowledged Mugabe’s resilience

478-Mugabe cleans up his cabinet

477-Swazi Prime Minister did not believe Mugabe would last three months

476-Mugabe’s indigenisation policy could change China’s stance towards pariah states – Wikileaks

475-Mugabe’s Christmas present for Tsvangirai

474-US wanted Mugabe out, Mujuru in in inclusive government

473-MDC lawyer said Mugabe will rule until he is the last man alive in Harare

472-Mugabe does not listen to anyone who is not a black African

471-Lesotho FM said nothing short of a coup would remove Mugabe from power

470-Kagame did not want RPF to become like Mugabe and ZANU-PF

469-Rice upbeat about UN trip

468-UN piles pressure on Mugabe

467-Tsvangirai gave Mugabe two weeks to release activists

466-SA refused to bow down to pressure to force Mugabe to step down

465-Zuma was receptive to a reborn PF-ZAPU

464-Rice said it was long past time for Mugabe to go

463-US did not believe Mugabe could be a credible power-sharing partner

462-Odinga urged AU to send troops to remove Mugabe

461-Tutu said Mugabe should be removed by military force

460-Conference gave Mujuru another chance to challenge Mugabe

459-Malaysia asked why Mugabe’s doctor was placed on US sanctions list

458-Lesotho PM told Mugabe to end Zimbabwe crisis

457-South Africa’s IDC was keen to invest in Zimbabwe

456-IFP said Mbeki would never resolve the Zimbabwe crisis

455-Cranswick said Gono, Grace and Mujuru were looting diamonds at Marange

454-Mugabe’s message to Obama

453-Mugabe cartooned in Botswana on United Nations day

452-What is it that the West sees in Zimbabwe that Zimbabweans don’t see?

451-Zuma asked how West could expect cooperation from Mugabe when they were so critical of him

450-Mnangagwa among those who wanted GPA to collapse

449-SADC Troika fails to break deadlock

448-Generational gap

447-Banda and Sata darlings of Mugabe

446-Mugabe wanted MDC to walk away from talks

445-Museveni said disunity was greatest source of Africa’s weakness

444-Namibia secretary to cabinet said Mugabe had tremendous ego

443-Military planned coup after signing of GPA!

442-Mugabe and Tsvangirai in a quandary over ministerial posts

441-Mzembi said there was no rift between Mugabe and Mnangagwa

440-Chamisa versus Mugabe

439-Mugabe funded Sata’s campaign!

438-Mnangagwa grabbed Mugabe by the lapels over ministry

437-Dhlakama offered to ask Mugabe to step down

436-Mugabe accuses US and UK of genocide in Iraq

435-Mugabe said his day was coming, but he did not know when

434-Malawi’s Mutharika worse than Mugabe

433-Mandela did not deserve to have a successor like Mbeki

432-Mugabe retained significant power

431-Tsvangirai was confident he would be driver of policy in GNU

430-Outlines of a deal- What Tsvangirai told McGee

429-US urged EU to list all Zimbabweans on its list

428-Mugabe surprised everyone at Mwanawasa’s funeral

427-MPs jeer Mugabe

426-Gono planned to start his own party

425-MDC humiliates Mugabe

424-Mutambara says we are smarter than the Australians and Americans

423-Mutambara MPs were ready to ditch candidate a week before elections

422-Tsvangirai wanted to be President with Mugabe as Prime Minister

421-Tsvangirai insisted he should be head of government

420-MDC advisors preferred a Transitional Authority not GNU

419-Tsvangirai said Mbeki, Mugabe and Mutambara ganged up against him

418-Has MDC been outmanoeuvred by ZANU-PF again?

417-Mbeki facilitates one-on-one talks between Mugabe and Tsvangirai

416-Tsvangirai said he was being magnanimous to offer Mugabe anything at all

415-Mugabe maintains small delegation

414-Tsvangirai insisted Mugabe could only be ceremonial president

413-Tsvangirai, Mugabe were focussed too much on power

412-Tsvangirai said Mugabe would fight Mnangagwa to get honourable exit

411-Viva Mugabe champion of the oppressed

410-CSU and MDC differed on people killed during election violence

409-Namibia going the Zimbabwe way

408-Britain may have forced AU to accept Mugabe after 2008 elections

407-Political tug-of-war- Mugabe versus Tsvangirai

406-Odinga said Mugabe and Tsvangirai wanted to talk but…

405-Holding Mugabe accountable

404-Grace agreed to power-sharing agreement

403-Civil society wanted transitional government not GNU

402-US asked if MDC was going to be swallowed by ZANU-PF like ZAPU

401-Biti thought Tsvangirai was weak

400-Mugabe regarded Mbeki as little more than a boy

399-US said it would only accept MDC led government

398-Did UN and EU members violate travel ban on Mugabe?

397-China and Russia rescued Mugabe

396-US pushed for military intervention in Zimbabwe

395-Mugabe topped list of people US wanted on UN sanctions

394-Mugabe plotted to steal election

393-Why Botswana did not accept Zimbabwe’s election results

392-US pushed for military intervention in Zimbabwe in 2008

391-Gono said Mugabe is weak despite a strong pubic face

390-Mugabe chose to be second Idi Amin instead of Mandela

389-Canada tougher on Zimbabwe after the 2008 elections

388-AU said Zimbabwe elections fell short of accepted standards

387-Mugabe does not care about doings of white world

386-Britain revokes Mugabe’s knighthood

385-South Africa is anchor in US-Africa policy

384-Tanzania was fed up with Mbeki’s failure to confront Mugabe

383-Biti ill-treated in jail

382-Zuma advisor said US should not expect ANC to support Tsvangirai

381-Mugabe said there would be war if opposition won

380-US piled pressure on UN security council

379-Mugabe in denial

378-US ambassador found no new evidence of violence

377-Chinamasa said Mugabe was ready for Kenyan type GNU

376-Gono said Mugabe has terminal cancer

375-Civic leader said Mnangagwa was extraordinarily wealthy

374-ZESN helped prevent Mugabe from stealing 2008 election

373-Tsvangirai’s Restore Hope Campaign

372-Was Grace prophetic about Tsvangirai?

371-It’s an insult to call Mugabe, Mr

370-The men who told Mugabe to stay put

369-Tsvangirai asked for $2.5 million from Morocco

368-Japan happy Mugabe not coming

367-Wade did not want West to humiliate Mugabe

366-US warned citizens against using cameras in Zimbabwe

365-Helping Zimbabwe no easy task

364-Bad luck for others not bob

363-Out at last

362-Argentina joins Zimbabwe

361-Wade accused of imposing himself

360-Jendayi Frazer said Tsvangirai won the elections

359-Goche, Chinamasa and Mnangagwa were prepared to ditch Mugabe

358-Brazilian ambassador said Zimbabwe’s elections were exemplary

357-Violence spreads

356-Mwanawasa parroted what Britain and US wanted him to say

355-Mugabe chickens out!

354-Mwanawasa misread Mugabe

353-ZANU-PF was ready to go to war to stop Tsvangirai

352-US tried to use Tanzania to get Mugabe to step down

351-Gen Mujuru’s about turn

350-Britain was so frustrated by Mbeki over Zimbabwe that it decided to talk to Zuma- Wikileaks

349-Embassy said Tsvangirai’s fears were unfounded

348-Japan said it would give Mugabe a hard time if he came for TICAD

347-Tsvangirai condemns reengineering of results

346-Rumours abound over election results

345-Why ZANU-PF changed its mind about Mugabe exit

344-Tsvangirai vacillated on results

343-Tanzania was worried about election results

342-Mugabe was ready to concede defeat in 2008 – Wikileaks

341-ZANU-PF planned to rig 2008 election a day after vote- Wikileaks

340-Why Mugabe backed off

339-MDC said Mossad was helping Mugabe to rig elections

338-Mugabe threatened riot act on business

337-Makoni was seen as a spoiler

336-Tsvangirai surged ahead in poll

335-Did Mugabe use indigenisation to scare business not to vote for Makoni?

334-Gen Mujuru told Mugabe to resign two weeks before 2008 elections!

333-Mugabe claims Solomon Mujuru’s support

332-What the US ambassador said about Zimbabwe for the US president’s report

331-Mugabe led in opinion poll three weeks before elections

330-AU should press Mugabe over elections

329-Mandaza said rigging was biggest obstacle to defeating Mugabe

328-Mugabe asks: Where is Makoni?

327-Bumper issue for Mugabe’s birthday

326-Mugabe said US had more eyes and ears in Zimbabwe than him

325-Turkey said it had no problem inviting Mugabe

324-Makoni said no one was allowed to challenge Mugabe as party president

323-Japan in a quandary over Mugabe

322-Mugabe has dossiers on the illegal activities of his colleagues- Wikileaks

321-Gono and Grace discuss Mugabe’s future

320-Goche said Mutasa and Bonyongwe were obstructionist

319-Talks dead, MDC in a quandary

318-Masiyiwa said Jonathan Moyo and Ibbo Mandaza were former CIO

317-Mbeki wanted internationally accepted elections

316-Japan said Mugabe no different from other African leaders

315-Masamvu said Zuma was expected to be more robust on Mugabe

314-How the US targets people for sanctions

313-US said it would press Japan not to invite Mugabe to Tokyo

312-Why no one in ZANU-PF is challenging Mugabe

311-MDC promised to present a united front

310-Ndlovu called German leader racist, fascist

309-Mugabe tones down vitriol

308-No greetings to avoid Mugabe

307-SADC threatened to pull out of EU-Africa summit over Mugabe

306-Mugabe told US ambassador to encourage MDC factions to unite

305-US ambassador still on Mugabe’s case

304-Wade said UK was to blame for crisis in Zimbabwe

303-Mugabe’s presence in Lisbon bad for Portugal

302-Mugabe told Obasanjo no successor was ready to take over

301-Zvobgo was sceptical about Mugabe stepping down

300-Brown tougher on Mugabe than Blair

299-Mugabe’s unusual vote of thanks

298-Malaysia refused to bar Mugabe from Langkawi

297-Portugal not ready to sacrifice EU-Africa summit

296-Dell said Mugabe was cleverer than any other politician in Zimbabwe

295-Mugabe digging in

294-Zimbabwe at the top of the agenda

293-Angola denied it was planning to send police to Zimbabwe

292-Dell wanted 200 more names added to the sanctions list

291-Tanzania says West should hear Mugabe out

290-ZANU-PF resorted to brute force to perpetuate its rule

289-Portugal said Mugabe should not be held to a different standard

288-Zimbabwe a challenge for South Africa

287-Masiyiwa said MDC would win 2008 elections but needed cash

286-Zuma said Mugabe confused himself with Zimbabwe

285-Poland undecided on Mugabe

284-Mugabe and the other bad guys

283-Was Ibbo Mandaza the public voice of Mujuru?

282-Britain refuses to give US information on people targeted for sanctions

281-US embassy gropes for information on people targeted for sanctions

280-Mugabe named Mnangagwa his successor in 2007!

279-Gono said Mugabe wanted to retire after 2008 victory

278-Presidential delegation trimmed

277-Avoiding Mugabe

276-Malawi felt that Mugabe was being treated unfairly

275-Zimbabwe not a safe haven for terrorists

274-Austrian company supplied Mugabe with military vehicles

273-Dell promised to assist opposition trip to US

272-Make a plan-that’s how Zimbabweans survived the crisis

271-Mujuru camp sought US help to remove Mugabe

270-US ambassador conceded that Jonathan Moyo is a shrewd analyst

269-Mugabe says Catholic Bishops’ letter is political nonsense

268-Zvobgo said Mugabe no longer trusted Mnangagwa and Mujuru

267-Did Mujuru have a stake in ACR?

266-Catholic bishops release hard-hitting pastoral letter

265-How Mugabe outmanoeuvred Mujuru

264-Papal Nuncio says Mugabe is pretending to be a Catholic

263-Mandela urged Mugabe to retire in 2008

262-Sata another Mugabe?

261-Mugabe being Mugabe

260-Were Shamu and Mzembi silenced?

259-Police brutally disrupted prayer meeting

258-Msipa told Dell that Gen Mujuru was no march for Mugabe

257-Mutambara said Mugabe could be beaten

256-Masiyiwa, Takawira and Goko tried to ease Mugabe out

255-Mutasa said Mugabe might become president for life

254-State Department supported business forum in Harare

253-Gen Mujuru told US its approach insulted Zimbabwe’s “manhood”

252-Mashakada said Mugabe was the only zero that had to go

251-US embassy requested US$3 million to fight Mugabe

250-Embassy claims Zimbabwe is hyping Chinese investment

249-More join the Presidential jet

248-US company knowingly broke sanctions to do business with Mugabe

247-Mutharika described Mugabe as an African hero

246-Malawi press called Mugabe Mutharika’s uncle

245-Zvobgo said everyone agreed that Mugabe had outlived his time

244-Mutambara says Tsvangirai has become a “little Mugabe”

243-Mugabe rigid, defiant, isolated

242-Rautenbach named in Sudanese oil deal

241-Most ZANU-PF leaders see a president when they look in the mirror

240-New senators-few guiding lights

239-Mugabe asked why agricultural season catches government by surprise every year

238-Leo Mugabe arrested for fraud

237-Waiting for Mugabe to die an imperfect solution

236-Where Gono got the money to pay the IMF

235-Did Renaissance Bank rescue the country in 2005?

234-US says no carrots for Gono

233-US view on the ZANU-PF succession battle

232-Dell said Zimbabwe’s ties to China were a marriage of convenience

231-Zvobgo said Mugabe’s departure will trigger uncertainty, national relief

230-Gono raided FCAs to pay IMF

229-Gono could not do anything without Mugabe’s approval- IMF

228-Who travels with the President?

227-Indians saw South Africa of today as Zimbabwe of 10 years ago

226-China just wants to secure resources and get out

225-Mujuru told Zimplats he was running the country

224-Murambatsvina showed ZANU-PF was now beyond caring

223-Was Mujuru behind Murambatsvina?

222-US official says Mugabe has consistently outplayed South Africans

221-Business leaders pleaded with US not to let IMF expel Zimbabwe

220-Gono powerless as cash dries up

219-Waiting for Mugabe to go

218-Zimplats was worried about the coming of the Chinese

217-Gono lashes out at greedy economic saboteurs

216-Trouble at the ZCTU

215-US embassy says don’t underestimate Mugabe

214-Mugabe relies on the same cast of characters

213-Makoni said Mugabe respected and liked self-made businesspersons

212-ZANU-PF surprised everyone including itself

211-Tsvangirai told Dell that CIO had told him MDC had won over 90 seats

210-Tsvangirai was convinced MDC would win 2005 elections

209-Chissano said Mugabe was ready to step down but…..

208-Why Zimbabwe was not eligible for AGOA

207-Want to talk to Mugabe, call this number

206-French thought the British were obsessed with Mugabe

205-Gono said he was responsible for Jonathan Moyo’s demise

204-Mnangagwa Zimbabwe’s Gorbachev!

203-Murerwa forecast growth in 2005

202-Mujuru told Mnangagwa he would never lead ZANU-PF

201-Gono promises floating exchange rate

200-Mobile phone bosses arrested for externalisation.

199-Pressure on white farmers boiling

198-Tough going for new farmers

197-Managing a business in Mugabe’s shadow

196-Gono: wolf in sheep’s clothing?

195-US ambassador says Mugabe is not driven by money but by vanity

194-Mutharika wanted to open dialogue with Mugabe

193-First Lady stone-faced throughout installation of Catholic Archbishop

192-Mugabe takes on Catholics

191-Is the West afraid of Mugabe because he is an intelligent black man?

190-How ZANU-PF exploits Zimbabweans

189-Who is paying for Mugabe’s Borrowdale home?

188-Press under fire

187-Tourism holds Zimbabwe’s best potential for recovery

186-UK put Mugabe in a corner making him more difficult

185-Did government plan to nationalise conservancies?

184-Zimbabwe, the UNDP and elections

183-Mugabe expected to retire before 2009

182-Cabinet reshuffle shows power of hardliners and military- Wikileaks

181-Tsvangirai regarded Mugabe as a hero

180-Land reform adds to Mugabe’s stature

179-Gono rattles feathers

178-Obasanjo hoped to get Mugabe to settle March 2004

177-Mugabe singles out Jonathan Moyo for praise at conference

176-Doing business in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe

175-Gono becomes central banker, Finance, and Trade minister melded in one

174-Mugabe an impossible nut for US to crack

173-Supreme Court clips Jonathan Moyo’s wings

172-MDC did not want economy repaired while Mugabe was in power!

171-Tsvangirai’s time table for a new Zimbabwe

170-Why ZANU-PF and MDC were willing to talk as far back as 2003

169-Mugabe says criticism of US and Britain is based on principles

168-Embassy says Mugabe used Shona to alienate white and international supporters of the MDC

167-Government closes Daily News

166-Urban voters voted with their stomachs

165-Mugabe is a hindrance to change

164-SADC betrays Zimbabweans

163-Mugabe a spiritual descendant of Idi Amin- Wikileaks

162-Paper says quiet diplomacy does not work with Mugabe

161-Questions raised about the cost of Mugabe’s stay in power

160-Paper said Mugabe should negotiate even with the devil

159-Indigenisation not new

158-Mugabe told US: Zvavakaita kuIraq havangambozviedza muno

157-Mbeki denies saying Mugabe is stepping down

156-Mugabe succession elusive

155-Mugabe is an old man who refuses to open his eyes to reality

154-Paper says Mbeki should stop covering up for Mugabe

153-How the Zimbabwe media viewed Bush’s visit to Africa

152-Herald brushes off Powell as an Uncle Tom and slow learner

151-Daily News says Mugabe must take up US offer to pull Zimbabwe out of crisis

150-Zimbabwe tops Bush’s agenda

149-Mugabe still packs a punch

148-Mugabe is finished politically

147-Delusionist in State House!

146-Daily News asks Tsvangirai: what next?

145-AIPPA tops the agenda

144-Did West pour billions into MDC protest?

143-US outlines its plans for Zimbabwe after Mugabe

142-If you break the law do it once to seize power!

141-Tsvangirai arrested ahead of protest

140-Shamuyarira accuses US and UK of backing a coup

139-Tsvangirai must pay for his sins

138-Army and police should not side with tyranny

137-Economic slide continues

136-Daily news says journalist’s deportation will not silence journalists

135-Mnangagwa speaks on succession

 134-Pius Ncube reports to Powell instead of God

133-Repressive laws up for amendment

132-Makoni says dismissal of Mudzuri work of Gang of Four

131-Mugabe ready to leave but……

130-Zimbabwe media and the war in Iraq

129-Food donor surprised Msipa is a politician after all

128-Government opens up but……….

127-US upset by Obasanjo’s letter about Zimbabwe

126-Mugabe says US and UK are trying to impose new colonialism on Third World

125-Paper praises France for its stance on Zimbabwe

124-US ambassador says no government can reverse land reform in Zimbabwe

123-Witness implicates US in Mugabe assassination plot

122-Herald refuses to apologies for chain of “lies”

121-Government tries to use farmers to ease sanction

120-Zvobgo was working to force Mugabe out

119-ANC agreed to a plan for Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe

118-Tsvangirai accuses Britain and South Africa of trying to maintain ZANU-PF in power

117-Ncube urged US to expel children of those on its sanctions list

116-Will the economy implode?

115-Business tries to engage Mugabe

114-Tsvangirai calls on UN to intervene in Zimbabwe to stop civil war

113-USAID-funded poll surprises even the Americans

112-Government starves commercial sector to hide fuel shortage

111-SADC sees the light at last

110-How to manipulate the Zimbabwe media

109-Five years of ruinous policy

108-Perceptions of what Mugabe said at earth summit

107-Earth summit, another useless talk shop

106-Media play up US plot to oust Mugabe

105-Media hype before earth summit

104-Did Mugabe pay US blacks to support him?

103-Zimbabwe is not a punch bag for Western nations

102-Zimbabwe has second longest unbroken multiparty democracy in Africa

101-Businessmen challenge ZIDERA- report

100-Ban sanction campaigners

99-Mugabe says he means it-gays are worse than dogs and pigs

98-Robertson on how Zimbabwe was getting its fuel

97-Msika, Nkomo and Ndlovu wanted Mugabe to go

96-Tsvangirai says Mugabe is determined to take Zimbabwe down with him

95-Where are Mugabe’s overseas assets?

94-Lawyers accused of plotting to overthrow the government

93-American journalist charged under AIPPA

92-Daily News says travel restrictions are working

91-Joy TV closed down

90-Mugabe angry that white farmer cannot use land

89-NEPAD doomed to fail if leaders ignore rogue rulers

88-Mugabe massaging own political ego

87-Herald claims smart sanctions have failed

86-Mugabe, Bin Laden and Tsvangirai

85-Mugabe believes he should rule until he drops dead!

84-Rare victory for Mugabe

83-Where are the police?

82-Mugabe’s hypocrisy

81-Mugabe will have same ignominious exit as Smith

80-Editor arrested for publishing “false story” on First Lady

79-Nyarota arrested for publishing false news

78-Zimbabwe does not need dirty money

77-EU bullying tactics going too far

76-Journalists urged to fight AIPPA to the bitter end

75-What kind of democracy is this?

74-Mugabe must know the world is watching his every move

73-Daily News says Commonwealth should sent clear message to Mugabe

72-Chronicle talks of another plot to oust Mugabe

71-Big divide between privately owned and state media

70-Mugabe pulls the most fraudulent poll in the 21st century

69-People will regret voting for Mugabe

68-Mugabe should change his vision for Zimbabwe

67-Mugabe wins, Tsvangirai mourns

66-Daily News warns people cannot stand by if ZANU-PF steals the election

65-Why Tsvangirai cannot be trusted to run the country

64-D-Day for Zimbabwe

63-The choice is simple: Fist or Palm

62-Paper says US and Britain plan to oust Mugabe

61-African diplomats felt MDC was not qualified to take over

60-Paper urges voters to tell President Robert Mugabe to go

59-Herald celebrates Commonwealth decision

58-We do not need a surrogate president

57-Chronicle lambasts prophets of doom

56-ZIDERA exposes lack of patriotism among Mugabe’s lieutenants

55-Daily News says it is dangerous to let Zimbabwe off the hook

54-Writer on why the West hates Mugabe

53-Mudenge tells EU Zimbabwe will not be bullied

52-Obasanjo promised Tsvangirai he would urge Mugabe to step down

51-Army blackmails voters

50-Paper warns end violence or face bloodbath

49-Army warns journalists

48-AIPPA and POSA before parliament

47-Mugabe says ZIDERA is an insult to the people of Zimbabwe

46-Allowing observers would erase Mugabe’s reputation of a power-crazed, aged dictator.

45-Herald ignores top US official’s visit to Zimbabwe

44-Zimbabwe is a sovereign state that does not need foster parents

43-Time is running out for Mugabe

42-Muzenda asks Bush to assist in condemning violence

41-Mogae says Mugabe is acting like a wounded buffalo

40-Mugabe dressed down

39-Change of radio station shuts off VOA

38-Jonathan Moyo fighting terrorism!

37-Mugabe undeterred by sanctions

36-ZANU-PF has become a monster

35-Mugabe liable to pay damages for violence

34-US ambassador’s anti-terror opinion piece receives wide coverage

33-Paper asks why monitor Mugabe and not Bush?

32-Reader says Mugabe’s condolence message to Bush is hypocritical

31-Jonathan Moyo says violence begets violence

30-Zimbabwe shuts out uninvited election observers

29-Mugabe trapped

28-Mugabe sent Bush a message of condolence on 911

27-Two sides to the Abuja agreement

26-Harassment of journalists continues

25-Mugabe says US is trying to rule Zimbabwe by remote control

24-Daily News editors arrested

23-Sydney Masamvu- Martial law looms in Zimbabwe

22-Zambian diplomat says ZIDERA is welcome if it will hasten Mugabe’s departure

21-ZIDERA meant to punish Zimbabwe for doing the right thing

20-Mudenge says Mugabe has never refused to go

19-How Mugabe will hang on to power

18-Mugabe retains troika chair

17-Mugabe’s presidential succession race down to two runners

16-US embassy says Mugabe will not be pushed off the scene

15-SADC ministers bulldoze Zimbabwe to reform troika

14-Chiwewe asks US to drop case against Mugabe

13-Chindori-Chininga says Mugabe is obsessed with land question

12-Government shuts down private radio station

11-Mugabe, Dos Santos key to peace in DRC

10-SADC leaders pile pressure on Kabila to accept Masire as mediator

9-MDC expected to win at least 80 seats in 2000

8-Mugabe shifts focus from real issues to land

7-US embassy expected MDC to win 30 seats in 2000

6-Mugabe wanted out of DRC but was not prepared to abandon Kabila

5-US embassy says Mugabe is using land as a smokescreen

4-Mugabe says farm invasions are “practical self-help”

3-Only a call to Mugabe by US president can stop violence- ambassador

2-Tutu says Mugabe is making a cartoon of himself

1-How Mugabe balanced his cabinet after the 1987 unity with ZAPU


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