The more noise Zimbabwe makes about sanctions the happier those who imposed them are because they believe Zimbabweans are feeling the pain- opposition leader says


Recently, we have had the resuscitation of the Batoka Gorge Hydro Electric Programme. Again, you have American investors in this programme in partnership with Chinese investors showing that in terms of the economic front we are winning. Many other billion dollar deals are coming through the appetite that has been created by H.E. the President to the American investors. That is another level or stage of dealing with economic sanctions.

Another level that the Government has chosen is the platform of dialogue. We started with the EU dialogue and you saw it progressed. We had about three inter-ministerial dialogues at ministerial level. That engagement yielded positive results resulting in the removal of most of the sanctions that we imposed on individuals and companies except the defence industry which is still on those sanctions. So, we are now coming up on a similar programme, I may not be able to unveil it now because it has not been approved through Cabinet, where we want to formally engage the Americans on the issue of economic sanctions.  We continue to talk and engage them formally at various platforms and we are happy with the progress, especially on engaging the West on the illegal economic sanctions they imposed on us.  I submit Hon. President Sir.

HON. SEN. CHIEF CHARUMBIRA:  Thank you Mr. President. Hon. Minister, just probably to be elegant and say, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, thank you for all the good work.  Can we also be a player as Parliament?  I know, in terms of protocol and other procedures, only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade can deal with foreign institutions.  Can Parliament of Zimbabwe write a letter to thank those Presidents at the recent United Nations Assembly who spoke in support of Zimbabwe on sanctions and called for the removal of sanctions, for example the President of Kenya, Ruto; South Africa, and the full list?

It is a new style because I know you always talk to them.  Can Parliament of Zimbabwe Members of Parliament and Senators also write to thank those Heads of State?  It makes better blending than only you all the time; we can help you.  Thank you.

HON. MUSABAYANA: Thank you Hon. President.  I also want to thank the Hon. President of the Pan-Africa Parliament, Hon. Sen. Chief Charumbira who is also the President of the Chiefs’ Council of Zimbabwe.  Hon. President, we all understand that the Government has three arms or pillars, that is the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary.  I am also sure that we are aware that His Excellency the President is also part of Parliament, Head of State and Chief Diplomat.  Whatever we do as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, we implement and get guidance from his office.

So, I cannot specifically give a nod to say, Parliament can go ahead as an institution to write thanking those Heads of State.  Although it is a noble idea, I think we still go through the normal channel of getting approval from the Head of State because the optics have an analysis of having different arms of Government thanking different Presidents of governments for whatever they have done.  When we see those Heads of State, governments or different institutions presenting the case for Zimbabwe at such important fora, it is also testimony that behind the scenes, your President Dr. E. D. Mnangagwa was having sleepless nights to lobby and ensure that our voice is heard as Africa and other institutions to support us.  So, we stand guided by his office that we will go ahead and thank the Heads of State.

I support on Twitter and individuals are allowed also to forward accolades and say all the good things to  those who supported our Government and the cause of Zimbabwe on the international platform.  I submit Hon. President.

HON. SEN. CHIEF CHARUMBIRA:  Clarification!  Clarification!  This Minister is very intelligent Mr. President.  Mr. President, let me sharpen in two words.  Parliament of Zimbabwe will write to the Speaker of Kenya; that would be proper to thank the President of Kenya.  So the Speaker of Parliament would then say to their President, you are being thanked through our Parliament; it works.  Thank you very much.


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Charles Rukuni
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