The Joseph Made Wikileaks cables

Joseph Made has been Minister of Agriculture on and off since 2000 when he was appointed to President Robert Mugabe’s government as one of the technocrats meant to revive the country’s economy. But Made has been accused of destroying the country’s agriculture. The question that remains unanswered up to today is why Mugabe has kept him up to now. Could Wikileaks provide the answers? According to Wikileaks Made spent 17 years in the United States and the dissertation for his PhD was on land reform. Does he know more than we are told? There are more than 80 cables on him. Here is the first batch.

64-No land audit until sanctions are lifted

63-Ambassador says Made is still burying his head in the sand

62-White farmers seek US$20 billion compensation to end land dispute

61-Made says white farmers are no longer welcome in Zimbabwe

60-Mugabe, Tsvangirai reward loyalty for cabinet picks

59-Mugabe outmanoeuvred MDC to increase size of cabinet

58-Made survives Mugabe’s purge on losers

57-Made among the losers in 2008

56-Is not winning, losing?

55-Mugabe cronies busting US sanctions through safari operations

54-US ambassador says Gono is increasingly acting as de facto Prime Minister

53-US official says Jonathan Moyo is a political chameleon

52-Lock-step loyalty key for appointment by Mugabe

51-Commercial farmers wished Mugabe could fire Made

50-Gono called Mugabe on speakerphone for CFU president

49-CFU wanted to merge with ICFU to save its members

48-US firms in sanctions busting?

47-Fears as government announces intent to nationalise land

46-US ambassador says John Nkomo is too timid to assert himself

45-Gono laughed off Made’s crop forecasts

44-Embassy said arrest of Kuruneri was not the answer

43-Made clashed with Msika over Kondozi

42-Speedier evictions without Made

41-Made too optimistic about harvest

40-Makoni says removal of lands from Made a positive step

39-Industry happy that land was removed from Made

38-Cabinet reshuffle shows power of hardliners and military- Wikileaks

37-Made gets his way

36-Embassy says battle for last 500 white farms will be messy

35-Made sets aside farms for green bombers

34-Mugabe joins Jonathan Moyo and Made in blame game

33-Gono turned a blind eye on cheating exporters

32-Made scuttled US$30 million tobacco deal

31-Made left out of crucial talks

30-Made refused to delist American citizen’s farm

29-Makoni says dismissal of Mudzuri work of Gang of Four

28-US ambassador says Makoni is a breath of fresh air

27-Murerwa said he disliked price controls

26-CFU says Moyo not Made calling the shots on land issue

25-Banker says Chinamasa, Made, Moyo and Chombo are enriching themselves

24-US embassy asked governor to intervene in citizen’s acquired farm

23-Government tries to use farmers to ease sanctions

22-Mpofu, Nkomo say chiefs to distribute food

21-MP says Mugabe wanted to step down in 2001 but was urged to stay on

20-Delta to the rescue

19-Made rejects GMO food

18-Mugabe rewards loyalty not competence

17-Farmers get temporary reprieve

16-Farmers charged with crime of farming!

15-Mugabe angry that white farmer cannot use land

14-Made warned white farmers not to sabotage reform programme

13-Made refused to compromise with white farmers

12-Farmers facing a hard sell

11-Fast-track land reform divides white farmers

10-Farmers say Mugabe does not want to destroy agriculture but to keep them out of politics

9-MDC challenges Mugabe decree

8-Chombo tells diplomats land reform is irreversible -it is unhealthy to continue debating the issue

7-Jonathan Moyo puts pressure on chief judge to resign

6-Supreme Court orders government to stop land acquisitions

5-Nkosana Moyo said Made was incompetent

4-Delta boss planned deal to enable government to buy up 400 farms

3-Commercial farmers go for broke

2-Made wanted UK to pay for the land government wanted to acquire

1-US embassy says Joseph Made is a hardliner



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