The Joice Mujuru Wikileaks cables


Vice-President Joice Mujuru has made headlines since she was catapulted to that post in 2004 against all odds. It was considered a victory for her husband, former army commander Solomon Mujuru who was considered a kingmaker within the Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front. But though there are only 35 cables that cite her name- those few seem to have done untold damage to her prospects, moreso now that her husband is gone.

Here are the cables that cite her name:

35-Mai Mujuru’s fear of Mugabe affecting her ability to lead

34-Kasukuwere is untrustworthy and a thug- Wikileaks

33-Mugabe usurps Tsvangirai

32-Jonathan Moyo completes phoenix-like return to ZANU-PF

31-Biti says Mujuru and Mnangagwa are unelectable

30-ZANU-PF an old party with problems

29-Military does not like VP Mujuru says Tanzanian ambassador

28-VP Mujuru held clandestine meeting with US ambassador

27-Mugabe, Mujuru call on supporters to shun factionalism

26-ZANU-PF not ready for a woman president

25-Vote rigging in ZANU-PF party elections?

24-Mai Mujuru stronger than Mnangagwa

23-John Nkomo of little value to Mugabe

22-Mugabe wants reform but he has no control

21-Mujuru working with Tsvangirai behind the scenes- Wikileaks

20-Mai Mujuru the only ZANU-PF heavyweight sharing dais with Tsvangirai

19-Mogae says Mnangagwa or Mujuru cannot lead Zimbabwe

18-Mzembi says Mugabe will not support Mnangagwa or Mujuru to succeed him

17-Mai Mujuru sides with MDC to oppose farm invasions

16-Sipepa Nkomo says Mai Mujuru was very critical of ZANU-PF

15-Mai Mujuru tried to outmanoeuvre Mnangagwa during unity talks

14-ZESN helped prevent Mugabe from stealing 2008 election

13-Was Mt Darwin vote rigged?

12-How the US viewed the MDC victory in 2008

11-US officials given cold shoulder in Mujuru’s constituency

10-Is not winning, losing?

9-Mt Darwin has not benefitted from Mujuru’s vice-presidency

8-Mugabe has dossiers on the illegal activities of his colleagues- Wikileaks

7-Why no one in ZANU-PF is challenging Mugabe

6-Mujuru and Mutasa clash over farm evictions

5-Was Ibbo Mandaza the public voice of Mujuru?

4-Mugabe named Mnangagwa his successor in 2007!

3-Jonathan Moyo says Mandela asked Mugabe to step down in 2007

2-Zvobgo Jnr and Jonathan Moyo differ on future of VP Mujuru

1-VP Mujuru refused to pay workers minimum wage says union leader


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