The David Coltart Wikileaks cables


David Coltart rose to fame in the 1980s when he defended senior Zimbabwe African People’s Union politicians such as Sidney Malunga, Edward Ndlovu and Stephen Nkomo, all dead now, when they were being harassed during the 1980s civil strife when ZAPU was accused of trying to topple President Robert Mugabe’s government. Mugabe was Prime Minister at the time. He then set up the Bulawayo Legal Projects Centre to help those who could not afford lawyers. This further catapulted him to fame leading to his election as a Movement for Democratic Change Member of Parliament in 2000. Coltart was a former member of the Rhodesia police before going to South Africa to study law. He is currently the Minister of Education in the inclusive government. There are 96 Wikileaks cables on him.. Here they are.

96-US assessment of inclusive government after one year in office

95-Journalist arrested in demo

94-The three groups in ZANU-PF

93-MDC’s Majome says Chinamasa is frank and open but is undermining her

92-“I am the only one who can shut up Mugabe,” says Mutambara

91-Tsvangirai frustrated but says he cannot leave inclusive government

90-Coltart and UNICEF launch Education Trust Fund

89-Coltart wanted civil society to be involved in constitution making

88-Teachers ignored strike call

87-Speaker Moyo on how the constitutional process was supposed to work

86-Amnesty International and its love-hate relationship with Mugabe and Mutasa

85-ZIMSEC results four months late

84-Who is who in the Parliamentary Select Committee?

83-Can’t say no to a Benz

82-Mangoma told US ambassador MDC had no desire to push Mugabe out

81-How many teachers are there in Zimbabwe?

80-US ambassador says it is in US interest to support MDC

79-Mugabe, Tsvangirai reward loyalty for cabinet picks

78-SADC promised to raise US$2 billion for Zimbabwe

77-Mugabe outmanoeuvred MDC to increase size of cabinet

76-Dabengwa was bitter that Mujuru never publicly supported Makoni

75-Coltart the odd one out

74-Coltart believed Dabengwa would leave ZANU-PF and win MDC seats

73-Why MDC unity talks broke down

72-Coltart said the goal was to unseat ZANU-PF in any way possible

71-Dell told Mutambara to go for Mugabe and not Tsvangirai in the US

70-Tsvangirai said Coltart could not account for party funds

69-Mutambara faction asks for help from US

68-Biti said Coltart would always be an outsider

67-Mutambara was not first, second or even third choice for pro-senate MDC leadership!

66-Mutambara said Tsvangirai had become a “little Mugabe”

65-Coltart said Mutambara was one of Zimbabwe’s brightest sons

64-Coltart said MDC split was causing fissures in ZANU-PF

63-Was Masiyiwa offered MDC presidency?

62-Bennett said Tsvangirai was the MDC’s only chance

61-Mujuru offered to take care of Tsvangirai

60-Coltart said the Ndebele did not want ZANU-PF back by default

59-Coltart shaken by Tsvangirai’s decision

58-US funded MDC election court challenge

57-Government gazettes Amendment 17 bill

56-Was Mujuru behind Murambatsvina?

55-MDC seeks “continued” US Support

54-MDC robbed again

53-Mutasa grateful for sanctions

52-MDC candidates face citizenship queries

51-Coltart saw party winning only 25 seats

50-Zimbabweans still have confidence in the judicial system

49-Arda sold Bennett’s coffee for $200 000

48-Coltart on the five lies ZANU-PF was trying to sell

47-Chamisa back in the can

46-Coltart said ZANU-PF election platform was MDC is finished

45-Coltart said MDC was ready to go all the way

44-Coltart asks party to boycott elections

43-How ZANU-PF rigs elections

42-Tsvangirai regarded Mugabe as a hero

41-Mashakada accused of vote buying

40-Coltart asked Wade and Mandela to put pressure on Mbeki

39-Coltart says ZANU-PF will swallow MDC even if Mugabe were gone

38-Tsvangirai asked US to press South Africa for genuine dialogue

37-MDC asked US embassy to arrange meeting with Bush in South Africa

36-Bishops draw up a vision for Zimbabwe

35-ANC agreed to a plan for Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe

34-Cross says ZANU-PF manipulation of food should be referred to UNSC

33-ZANU-PF imports voters and wins

32-Rumours fly as MDC spokesman dies in jail

31-MP says Mugabe wanted to step down in 2001 but was urged to stay on

30-Makumbe says MDC has to keep the fire burning

29-Coltart brushed off threats against him as mind games

28-MDC plans mass action to force Mugabe out

27-Tsvangirai charged with treason

26-MDC disputes poll results, rejects GNU

25-Mugabe wins, Tsvangirai mourns

24-Coltart wanted to set up truth and justice commission

23-Military says it will not salute anyone without liberation credentials

22-Mnangagwa tells US ambassador about his disdain for Jonathan Moyo

21-Pius Ncube said Tsvangirai was too weak to lead Zimbabwe

20-Sikhanyiso Nlodvu’s college burnt by MDC supporters

19-Mpofu in Coltart elimination plot!

18-Coltart says Mugabe will manipulate the elections in his favour

17-Coltart’s bodyguards arrested

16-Zimbabwe sliding slowly into police state

15-The MDC’s big mistake

14-Coltart said MDC would challenge parties finance act

13-Coltart challenges judge’s verdict

12-Coltart said MDC information department was a disaster

11-ZANU-PF planned to “take out” a white MP

10-Mugabe behind offer for GNU

9-If Hunzvi hits you, hit back

8-Dealing with Mugabe the consummate survivor

7-Coltart urged West to freeze Mugabe’s assets

6-Land invasions were aimed at cutting financial support for MDC-Coltart

5-MDC begins impeachment proceedings against Mugabe

4-US says its public diplomacy has paid off in Zimbabwe

3-Rumour mill gives MDC victory

2-MDC expected to win at least 80 seats in 2000

1-US embassy expected MDC to win 30 seats in 2000


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