The Beatrice Mtetwa Wikileaks cables

Beatrice Mtetwa has been one of the leading human rights lawyers in Zimbabwe for the past decade. She has represented journalists, lawyers, human rights activists and Movement for Democratic Change officials. She has also been arrested and detained on several occasions. There are 34 cables that mention her name and shed some light on her activities. Here they are.

34-Mtetwa opposed admission of emails from Hitschmann

33-Mtetwa complained that Bennett’s trial was too slow

32-Police warned Mtetwa against stage managing protests

31-Hungwe most independent judge!

30-Mtetwa said prosecutor’s behaviour was bizarre

29-Mtetwa said ZANU-PF was delaying implementing GPA to rebuild

28-Magistrate in near shouting match with Mtetwa

27-Mtetwa said GPA will not work as long as Tomana is AG

26-Mtetwa being targetted

25-No law that allows anybody to grab you in your night clothes

24-Lawyer refused access to detainee

23-Awards galore for human rights activists

22-Case against American journalist thrown out

21-Police cracked down on US vote counters

20-Mtetwa nominated for International Women of Courage Award

19-Lawyers march ends in violence

18-No charges preferred against MDC detainees

17-Charges against VOP trustees dropped

16-Mtetwa said crackdown on VOP was aimed at ZLHR

15-Mtetwa used a Swazi passport

14-Zimbabwe ambassador told not to intimidate activists

13-Mtetwa said police changed charge of NCA demonstrators

12-Mtetwa complained about inhuman treatment of ANZ directors

11-We are prepared to die for a democratic constitution

10-Mudzuri resisted eviction

9-Mtetwa freed

8-US embassy questioned Daily News’s credibility

7-Mudzuri, Mtetwa out to score a point

6-Mtetwa asked court to deduct costs from Mohadi’s salary

5-Mtetwa battled to stop Meldrum’s deportation

4-Zvobgo advised Mudzuri to challenge Chombo’s suspension

3-Mtetwa got Mudzuri out

2-Legal community was concerned about appointment of Chidyausiku

1-Mtetwa said McNally decided to stay on after getting support from Vatican



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