South Africa Women’s Affairs Minister roasted for not protecting Gabriella Engels after she was allegedly assaulted by Grace Mugabe


Mnr C HATTINGH: Now, is this the government that cares about women? Women still bear the despondent burden of triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment, a life of abuse, discrimination and the violation of the human rights remains the hush reality of the majority of women in South Africa.

Now, Minister – and I will put this in English you don’t need interpretation for that – have you consulted the Minister of International affairs as to the justification of how the granting of diplomatic immunity to the first lady of Zimbabwe was aligned to South African’s constitutional rights values and principles? Have you done so; and if you have done so please explain to this House. This House and South Africa needs to know which constitutional values allowed a decision to not prosecute an abuser somebody who assaulted an innocent young black woman.  

Ms C LABUSCHAGNE: On a point of order, hon Chair. This is not a joke – this was not a joke. You looked me in the face and turned you head and did not recognise me. I will not stand the treatment. Please! I don’t want to make this House a circus. But I also want to be treated with respect. Please recognise me I was standing up and I didn’t wave my hand I dint speak, then I called you and waved my hand and you ignored me. I wanted to ask if the Minister would take a question but you didn’t recognise me.

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): Hon members, can you take your seat and let me take the point of order, hon Labuschagne what you have done is not appropriate; and secondly, you know very well that we are dealing with supplementary questions – I have noted hands and the Minister is just standing there to take questions, and the next question is coming from hon Gaehler.

L B GAEHLER:  Minister, what is it that you have done as a Minister after you have heard about what happened when this child was assaulted by the first lady of Zimbabwe; did you do anything to comfort the family? If not, why not as Minister of this country – the Minister of Women, what have you done as a Minister of this country.  

The MINISTER OF WOMEN IN THE PRESIDENCY: Thank you … [Interjections.] … do you want to answer on my behalf? Hon Chair, does she wants to answer on my behalf?

Mr C HATTINGH: (Interjection about something being sub judice)

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): Hon Hattingh, what you are doing is not in order. Hon Gaehler has asked a question and instead of allowing the Minister to respond you are just interjecting – it’s not right. And hon Manopole, I don’t need your assistance I have heard the hon Hattingh that is why I am dealing with him. Hon Minister go on.

The MINISTER OF WOMEN IN THE PRESIDENCY: Thank you, hon Chair. Just to indicate … [Interjections.]

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): Hon Minister, sorry let me deal with hon Julius.

Mr J W W JULIUS: Thank you, my apologies hon Minister, but I just want to know from you House Chair, are we allowed hackling.

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): Yes. It’s part of the rules but once you are hackling you don’t do it in a disorderly manner and drown the speaker so that others cannot hear what is being said.

Mr J W W JULIUS: Yes, it was not drowning.

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): It was after the question from the hon Gaehler before even the Minister could start responding to the question and then there was interjection.

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