Sakhala all talk but no substance

Job Sakhala, who abandoned his own Movement for Democratic Change faction to join the main faction led by Morgan Tsvangirai, today called for war to oust President Robert Mugabe arguing that people would not survive until the next elections in 2018. “People of Zimbabwe will not be able to live under these conditions until 2018. They will perish and we are going to miss those votes,” he said at a rally in Harare. “Don’t think that your leadership is inactive. We are looking for extra-ordinary methods and means to deal with Mugabe…. If we continue to lag behind in fear, we are going to be suppressed until Jesus Christ returns. Let’s deal with Mugabe so that he will know that elections cannot be rigged. Prepare for the biggest war of your life so that we liberate our country,” he added. Sakhala has been a rabble-rouser since his student days but he rarely gets into trouble. This has raised whispers that he works for the state.



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