PSMAS Confusion

The extraordinary general meeting of the Premier Services Medical Aid Society which had been set for Friday was postponed today allegedly because the government had overlooked key players, according to secretary for Health Gerald Gwinji. This was the second time the special general meeting was postponed the first one having been scheduled for 28 January. It was not clear which key players Gwinji was talking about because workers’ representatives of civil servants had called for the special meeting. PSMAS has been under the spotlight following revelations that its senior managers were paying themselves hefty salaries while the organisation was failing to honour its debt of $38 million. Chief executive Cuthbert Dube was reportedly earning close to US$500 000 a month including allowances with his annual salary exceeding the budget for the Ministry of Tourism for 2014. The chairman of the board Meisie Namasasu was suspended. Other board members claimed to be ignorant about the salaries the executives were getting- something that is difficult to believe considering the size of the salaries.



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