Ndiro bhora mugedhe here?

The government is being taunted for changing salary dates for civil servants with some readers of the state-owned Herald asking: “Ndiro bhora mugedhi, ko inga makati munoyese.” The government moved salary dates for teachers from Thursday to Friday and the rest of the civil servants from next week to the end of the month. “Kukundikana. This is a clear sign that our government is failing,” wrote one going by the name of Jongwe. Prophecy wrote:”I can see government soon printing ‘bearer food vouchers’, ‘bearer school fee vouchers’, ‘bearer fuel vouchers’, and so on, distributed to civil servants in lieu of wages for all necessities.” Tasara wrote: “Ahh so govt collects $265m in a quarter and pays out $155m monthly!!!!!!. By the end of the year there will be salary cuts I tell you.” Jambanga paSalisbury wrote that the only group that was rejoicing was the loan barons because every day’s delay meant more money in interest.



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