MDC has five factions not two- Holland

The Movement for Democratic Change Guardian Council which met for two days this week said it was shocked to find out that the party has five factions and not just the two warring ones, one led by president Morgan Tsvangirai and the other by secretary-general Tendai Biti. “We were shocked as Guardian Council to find that we don’t have two warring factions, we have five. That was even worse, a divided people will never win an election in Zimbabwe, never,” Holland was quoted by Newsday as saying. She did not say who led the other three factions. The Newsday story confirmed the story in The Herald that the statement issued by the Guardian Council on Thursday claiming to condemn the Biti faction was doctored by Tsvangirai and his team after the council sent it to him to have a look. The council condemned both factions and urged them to unite. It said that if the MDC could unite with the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front to form an inclusive government, it did not see why Biti and Tsvangirai could not unite.



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