Jonathan Moyo calls on media to end polarisation

Information Minister Jonathan Moyo today called on the media to take advantage of the new constitution which guarantees freedom of the media to make the government more accountable and end polarisation in the country because it was scaring away investors. “For the first time, we have a justiciable right. Freedom of the media for the first time is a justiciable right and this is in terms of Section 61 (2) of our Constitution and interestingly it says every person is entitled to freedom of the media,” he said. Moyo said the country had been polarised for a long time and this was costing the country. “We need to do something about it because it has kind of damaged us as a country, certainly we have heard from the Minister of Finance that this has increased the cost of offshore money, it has increased the cost of doing business in our country, raising our sovereign risk.” The country’s media is so polarised that the State media sees nothing wrong with the government. It also treats the opposition like an enemy always out to sabotage the government. The private media on the other hand has written off the government and does not see anything good coming out of the present regime.



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