Is Mzembi dreaming again?

Top stories for July 21-25

Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi said Zimbabwe could boost its tourism earnings from US$1 billion to US$5 billion within the next six years and he was not dreaming. “We have the potential to earn $5 billion per annum by 2020. The $5 billion is exactly the size of Minister Chinamasa’s budget today. I am not dreaming. In 1999 we had 48 international carriers landing at Harare International Airport, today we are at 16. We are seeking to bring Zimbabwe back to its air hub status. We need to sign up another 32 airlines and it is not impossible.” Indeed, it is not impossible. A Harvard study last year said Zimbabwe has the highest potential growth in Africa in the next six years. The same study said the country was ranked sixth in terms of potential growth globally. Mzembi shocked most people a few weeks ago when he said Zimbabwe would bid to the host the next Soccer World Cup to be hosted by Africa in 2034.



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