If Zimbabwe were a private company, Mugabe would have long been fired – MP says


President Robert Mugabe has failed to run the country to the extent that if Zimbabwe were a company, he would have long been fired, Binga North Prince Sibanda told Parliament last week.

“With all due respect to the Office of the President, when we call him the Head of State, Head of Government, Commander-in-Chief, First Secretary, Chancellor of all universities and all those titles, those titles do not just go without any expected return,” he said in his contribution to the President’s Speech.

“When we give you all those titles, what we expect are results and right now as we speak, corruption is going uncontrolled, the economy is decaying, hospitals have closed, schools have got no teachers and nothing is happening.

“We want to pay civil servants bonuses with land because the Government, the Head of State, the Chief Executive Officer has failed.

“If it was a private company, President Mugabe would have long been fired,” Sibanda said.

“He is not supposed to continue to be where he is. He has failed this nation and therefore, the best that he can do like in other countries that have got leadership that have a conscience, that loves the people and not themselves, not selfish leadership, when they fail they say can I give someone an opportunity to do better because I have failed.

“How long does he want to continue failing? I think it is time that he steps down and give new leadership to take over this country.”

Sibanda said when you see a nation complaining about natural disasters like the rains destroying infrastructure, “it’s a sign that mapererwa”.

“You have got no ideas of how you can redress the challenges that you are facing as a nation. We expected a genuine and honest Head of State to speak about a bloated Cabinet that is always facing a huge rate of turn-over which is consuming a huge chunk of our fiscus.”

He complained that President Robert Mugabe, who this month alone has been to Singapore, Ghana, Swaziland, and is currently in Mauritius, was travelling too much because the country could not afford a Head of State who was “a visitor” to his nation.

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Charles Rukuni
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