Hwange unit 7 to come on stream on 16 March, three other units down, producing only 77 MW instead of 440


So these are some of the efforts which the Government has put in place to ensure that we achieve energy self sufficiency.  We also have the private sector now participating as independent power producers.  As we speak, we have a contribution of between 68 to 96 megawatts which are being fed into the grid from the private sector.  You might be aware that there was no uptake from the private sector as a result of some perceived risks, especially on the issue of currency but in December, the Ministry of Finance made an announcement of the Government implementation agreement which will de-risk in the areas of the currencies and also on the issue of viability by the off-taker which is ZETDC.  Therefore, that is another intervention and that will see acceleration in terms of development of projects by the private sectors that are now participating.

In December, we increased the level of imports to take, of reduced power supply which was occasioned by low water levels from Kariba.  We increased on our imports; we used to be importing 300 megawatts which we increased to 500 megawatts, just to take care of the deficit which was created when production from Kariba was reduced.  However, as we speak, our water levels at Kariba Dam have just started to increase – as of this morning, we were at 14% of the live net storage of Kariba Dam, which we think will inform the next review in terms of the water allocation which is supposed to happen in a fortnight.  Our hope is that the allocations will be increased and that will also increase on the generation from Kariba.

With regards to Hwange Power Station which I said we lost three units, ZESA engineers are working round the clock to bring back the units.  Obviously, if that happens we will be having a generation which should sustain the economy and the country between now until we have substantial…

 HON. P. D. SIBANDA: On a point of order. Thank you Hon. Speaker.  With all respect, I am quite sure that if the Hon. Minister intended to give a Ministerial Statement, he should have done so.  This is no longer answering a question, he is basically doing what he was supposed to do before the question was given.  So I propose Hon. Speaker that if the Hon. Minister wants to give a statement then let him do that but for now, let him attend to questions rather than giving a long-winding speech.  I thank you.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Unfortunately, communication had not reached the Hon. Minster about the Ministerial Statement.  I do not think his answer is long and winding; it is very pertinent and covers an issue that was raised that demanded a Ministerial Statement.  I thought the response is quite comprehensive and I do not think the Hon. Minister is untoward in his response.  Looking at his face, he was about to wind up his presentation.

HON. SODA: Thank you Mr. Speaker.  I have responded to all the questions.

THE HON. SPEAKER: You must watch the British House of Commons in terms of etiquette. You do not shout to be recognised, you just stand up and you will be recognised.  Can we stick to that etiquette?

HON. NDUNA: My supplementary will be included on the issue of provision of power to critical infrastructure such as hospitals and water treatment plants that was not answered. 

However, I would want to know when he thinks the three units at Hwange will be back on stream because before they shut down, the power was…

THE HON. SPEAKER: Hon. Member, you are allowed to ask one supplementary question.

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