Baba Jukwa closing down today or is this a publicity stunt?

Baba Jukwa, the faceless facebook character that has enthralled Zimbabweans for nearly a year, announced yesterday that he would be closing his page down today, but he was still posting as late as 5pm today.

“Great Zimbabweans it is with great sadness that I announce that this page will be closed down in Monday i have tried my best the ancestors will testify, but people have let me down.,” he wrote.

“The written declarations written by many of you on Facebook today this Sunday are shocking and really self crucifying(detrimental to your own lives), I am disturbed seeing many have even made it public they want to beat up and kill Elton Mangoma all because he has voiced his views, – can we all not see how dangerous this is to the whole nation?

“What future are we setting for our country and politics Great Zimbabweans? Alright if Mangoma was being used by my party ZANU PF if that is true, are you going to deal with him violently, and even make it so obvious and public?

“Up to now how many have ever tried to use Ubuntu to sit down and debate democratically with Mangoma on his views? Can you not all see that now because of your written declarations so public to the whole world, dangerous CIOs NOW HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT to even kill you all? Shame!”

The Insider has always been suspicious of Baba Jukwa and wondered whether he was really trying to expose ZANU-PF or was campaigning for it especially in the run-up to the 31 July elections.

Baba Jukwa had closed 398 581 likes by today.



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