Zimbabwe’s smallest gold coin kicks off at US$185.73


Zimbabwe yesterday introduced smaller gold coins meant for ordinary citizens but the smallest coin, a 0.10 ounce coin, kicked off at US$185.73 which was $123 35.46.

The introduction of gold coins in July helped stabilise the local currency and curbed inflation though the black market rate has started sliding and is now put at $900 to the greenback. 

According to figures released by the central bank, the one ounce coin went US$1 857.35 or $1.2 million while a half ounce coin sold for US$928.67 or $616 78.31 and a quarter ounce coin was pegged at US$464.34 or $308 393.66.

Gold coins were introduced as an alternative store of value but they are for those with excess liquidity as one has to hold the coin for at least 6 months (180 days).


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Charles Rukuni
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