Zimbabwe’s problem is not Mnangagwa or the shortage of foreign currency- it’s our mindset

Zimbabwe’s problem is not Mnangagwa or the shortage of foreign currency- it’s our mindset

This is the case with Mnangagwa, according to many. The argument has been that he can never turn around this country because of his long association with former President Robert Mugabe.  His party, ZANU-PF ruined the country and nothing good can ever come from ZANU-PF. Mnangagwa is unelectable as was demonstrated by his being clobbered twice by Blessing Chebundo in Kwekwe. Movement for Democratic Change leader Nelson Chamisa even went to the extent of saying if Mnangagwa polled 5 percent of the vote in the 30 July elections he would give him his 18-year-old sister as a wife.

This seems to have stuck and up to now Chamisa argues that Mnangagwa did not win the elections and his supporters agree with him. They are celebrating the present crisis, saying “tongai tione” and “we told you so”.

Another infection is ungratefulness. Iannarino says “those who do not appreciate what they have will not appreciate any increase they receive. Many with gifts and talents waste them due to a mindset that views nothing as important or special enough to truly appreciate it.”

I do not usually want to use the religion or the bible because in most cases, when someone starts using religion the person does not want people to think but follow blindly. One is asking people to use their faith or emotions rather than their minds. But I will cite 1 Timothy 6 vs 6. It clearly states that those who are grateful for the little they have will get more.

But of course, Zimbabweans are too cynical to accept that. “Cynicism,” Iannarino says “is a belief system that suggests that no one is to be trusted, that their motivations are only in their self-interest, their actions always taken without concern for—or benefit to—others.”

He adds: “This form of skepticism prevents one from believing in anything enough to give themselves over to anything, thereby preventing their success.”

Iannarino says one of the most debilitating beliefs most people are infected with is scarcity.

“Scarcity is the belief that there isn’t enough. There isn’t enough money, enough opportunity, enough resources, or any one of countless other things that one might perceive themselves as lacking.”

One would think he was talking about Zimbabwe because those are the very things that Zimbabwe does not have at the moment. But he argues that while it’s true that nothing on the list above is distributed equally, there is an abundance available to those who believe it to be so.

The problem he says is that most people believe that someone or something else is the cause of their problems, never they themselves. But the truth is that “the power to change your circumstances is wholly within your power”.

That is why there is a saying that change begins with you.

Zimbabweans therefore have the power to put a stop to the current madness. They have the power to force the prices down. They have the power to push black market dealers and traders out of business. So they have no one but themselves, me included, to blame for the current crisis.

But remember every crisis is an opportunity for some to make a killing. The foreign currency dealer Mangudya said had ploughed $48 million into the parallel market made a killing.



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