Zimbabwe reporter becomes 518th journalist to die of coronavirus

Zimbabwe reporter becomes 518th journalist to die of coronavirus

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation reporter Janet Munyaka who died on Saturday and was buried yesterday, was the 518th journalist across the globe to die of coronavirus according to Press Emblem Campaign (PEC), a Swiss organisation, that keeps track of journalists that have succumbed to the deadly disease while on the line of duty.

PEC says it started its corona-ticker in March and so far 518 journalists from 57 countries have died. Globally 1.55million people have died of the virus.

It says it aim is to put names and faces to the numbers of journalists that die while doing their job.

Munyaka was one of the 10 people that died of coronavirus in Zimbabwe on Saturday.

Three more people died of the virus yesterday, one in Bulawayo, another in Harare and a third in Masvingo. This pushed the national death toll to 294.

There were 121 new cases yesterday, all local. So far 10 839 people have tested positive.

Some 92 people recovered yesterday, 56 of them from the Midlands. This increased the number of recoveries to 8 972 and reduced the number of active cases in the Midlands to 80.

There are now 1 573 active cases in the country, 572 of them in Bulawayo, 259 in Matebeleland South and 210 in Harare.

Globally, the number of cases now stands at 67.9 million, with 47 million recoveries and 19.4million active cases.

Only 14 countries with more than a million cases each account for 49 million of the cases.



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