Zimbabwe MP says item changed price from $899 to $1400 between shelf and till

Zimbabwe MP says item changed price from $899 to $1400 between shelf and till

Zimbabwe legislator for Nkayi South Stars Mathe yesterday bemoaned escalating prices in the country saying that when she picked up an item from a shop it was priced at $899 but when she got to the till she was told it cost $1 400.

Zimbabwe has been experiencing a price influx over the past few months with inflation rising from 60.6% in January to 96.4% in April.

United States economist Steve Hanke, however, says Zimbabwe currently has the highest inflation in the world at 256%.  He estimated it at 97.3% in December though it soared to 340% in February.

The Zimbabwe dollar has dropped from $112.82 against the United States dollar in January to $258.54 yesterday.

The black market rate ranges from $360 to $420.

Here is what Mathe said:

HON. MATHE: Thank you for the time that you have given me Mr. Speaker. At the same, time welcome back home, having been away for a while.

Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have stood up on a point of national interest. I am happy as a representative of the people that the Government of Zimbabwe has since realised hardships being faced by citizens – that is the high prices of basic commodities.  I therefore, commend the Government of Zimbabwe being led by His Excellency, Dr. E.D Mnangagwa.

We are grateful to him and his Cabinet, he has realised that people are having a hard time.  I visited a certain shop and I will not mention its name, I picked an item for $899.00, when I reached to the till, the price had changed to $1400. This indicates that people are facing economic hardships.

We are very grateful for the leadership, may the good Government continue to look after its own people.



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