Zimbabwe does not need aid from the West, its people need to believe in themselves


Ever optimistic economist Eddie Cross says Zimbabwe does not need money from the developed world to become a winning nation again, its people need to believe in themselves and in their country.

Writing on his personal blog, Cross says Zimbabwe has everything it needs.

“We in Zimbabwe have everything – peace with our neighbours, huge natural resources and because of the sacrifices of many in the Church, the best educated people on the continent. But we have driven out of the country a third of our population to other countries, we have failed to attract or hold and inspire talent in every field. We do not need the money of the developed world, we need to believe in ourselves and in our country,” he says.

“I can remember taking 60 boys of about 12 years old to camp in the Eastern Mountains of Zimbabwe. Somehow when we divided them up into teams we ended up with all the small boys in one team. After two days they were totally dispirited – beaten at every game.

“I took an outstanding team leader and told him to take over the team, by the end of camp they were beating everyone at everything. Motivation and leadership, I have never forgotten the lesson.

“Can Zimbabwe become a winning nation again, of course, but it will take leadership and change! Change in the way we are doing things, change in our policies away from failed experiments and change in our attitude. But most of all we have to believe in ourselves and be committed to our country and its people. Then we can do anything.”

Zimbabwe is currently going through difficult times with inflation over 700%, rampant corruption and a currency that continues to fall against the United States dollar.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, however, this week vowed to press on with reforms to make Zimbabwe an upper middle income country in 10 years.

“Let us, therefore, pledge, individually and collectively, to defend our country, to be productive, to grow our economy and never to tear our motherland apart by dividing its people,” he said.

“In unison we must proclaim that ‘Enough is enough. This is Zimbabwe, our Motherland and we will defend her from any form of attack’”.

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Charles Rukuni
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