Zimbabwe at the bottom

Zimbabwe was ranked at the bottom of the total wealth rankings in Africa with US$7.2 nearly 80 times smaller than that of its wealth neighbour South Africa which topped the list. A report released by New World Wealth today showed that North African countries dominated the list despite their troubled times. South Africa had total wealth of US$571.2 billion. Politically volatile Egypt was ranked second with total wealth of US$367.6 billion followed by Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria with US$227.5 billion. Algeria was in fourth place followed by Morocco. They had total wealth of US$225 billion and US$190.7 billion respectively. Zimbabwe was the only country with total wealth below US$10 billion. Second last was Mozambique with US$10.1 billion followed by Uganda with US$12.2 billion, Zambia with US$12.9 billion and Botswana with US$13 billion. Botswana has, however, only two million people.



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