The Strive Masiyiwa Wikileaks dossier


Econet boss Strive Masiyiwa seems to have been dabbling in politics since the formation of the Movement for Democratic Change. But it appears he got more involved when he moved to South Africa. There are 55 diplomatic cables in which his name is mentioned.

Here are the cables published so far:


55-Masiyiwa, Takawira and Goko tried to ease Mugabe out

54-Nyarota was upbeat about coming back of Daily News

53-Masiyiwa baffled by Tsvangirai and Biti’s view of Mugabe

52-Three MDC power centres hampered progress

51-MDC advisors say they prefer a TA not GNU

50-Masiyiwa says Chinamasa and Goche lack enough authority

49-Masiyiwa drafted power sharing agreement which Mugabe accepted!

48-Tsvangirai asked Mwanawasa for help

47-Another MDC advisor says party has no plan to move ahead

46-Bennett says Masiyiwa is a control freak

45-Makoni says Tsvangirai is influenced too much by Masiyiwa, Bennett and Ferris

44-Trevor Ncube says the MDC is unstrategic and arrogant

43-Masiyiwa says Tsvangirai won 2008 elections

42-Trevor Ncube says Masiyiwa should not be trusted

41-Masiyiwa says 25 ZANU-PF MPs were prepared to cross the floor in 2008

40-Mugabe was ready to concede defeat in 2008 – Wikileaks

39-Jethro Goko lobbied Zuma to be tough on Mugabe

38-MDC campaign funds used by party bigwigs!

37-Masiyiwa, Chadehumbe lobbied Mamabolo on 2008 elections

36-Masiyiwa funded anti-rigging plan in 2008 elections- Wikileaks

35-Masiyiwa says MDC did not have plan for “day after” the election

34-Bennett predicted shock victory for MDC in 2008

33-Masiyiwa says Jonathan Moyo and Ibbo Mandaza are former CIO

32-Masiyiwa promised to fund MDC 2008 campaign

31-US government funded Mbeki to stop Zuma from becoming president

30-US writes off MDC victory, military coup or third way in 2008

29-Trevor Ncube’s Third Way

28-Masiyiwa prepares recovery plan with Nkosana Moyo

27-Masiyiwa says MDC will win 2008 elections but needs cash

26-Masiyiwa had ties to both ZANU-PF and MDC!

25-Masiyiwa listed as one of the possible leaders of Third Way

24-Was Masiyiwa offered MDC presidency?

23-Lawyer says Masiyiwa has not held valid Zimbabwe passport for years

22-Masiyiwa says Gono starved the nation to pay IMF

21-US funded MDC election court challenge

20-MDC in dilemma

19-Daily News staff on Jonathan Moyo’s payroll!

18-Short-lived reprieve for Daily News

17-Government after Masiyiwa

16-Herald editor spills the beans about Jonathan Moyo’s interference

15-Masiyiwa and Chanakira take over Daily News

14-Masiyiwa on war veterans hit list

13-Zimbabweans in the diaspora not keen to invest in the country?

12-Econet expansion aimed at keeping foreign competition out

11-Masiyiwa supports motion to end Kingdom Meikles saga

10-Masiyiwa business deals questioned

9-Econet on expansion warpath

8-Fear mars US sponsored business conference

7-Econet in the clear

6-Two blows to the independent media

5-Masiyiwa says Daily News will back in matter of weeks

4-Masiyiwa wanted after closure of his paper

3-Daily News group sues Jonathan Moyo for $58 million

2-What do Strive Masiyiwa and Geoff Nyarota have in common?

1-US says its public diplomacy has paid off in Zimbabwe


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