Shamu says he does not own any strip club


Full contribution:

HON. SHAMU:  Mr. Speaker Sir, I rise to contribute to the motion moved by the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development, Hon. Nyamupinga.  I feel that the House should take note of the fact that human trafficking is indeed a growing evil of major proportions.  Human trafficking is a growing crisis around the world.  Human trafficking is indeed linked to capitalism.  I say so because it is an evil of human exploitation and capitalism is known for exploiting people, hence we say we should eliminate the exploitation of man by man.  Perpetrators of human trafficking and sexual exploitation know the law and they know how to cover their tracks, how to intimidate their victims and work with the system for personal gain.  Statistics estimate that close to $32 billion dollars annually changes hands as profit amongst human traffickers in the world.

Hon. Members have raised a number of issues and what I will do is to zero in on what I feel we should do in Zimbabwe.  What we need to do is to help combat human trafficking, taking lessons from our own experiences as Zimbabweans, learning from the experiences of others within the region and also looking at it from an international perspective.  Harnessing the support of international organisations that are there to make sure that this world-wide evil is indeed combated and eliminated.

HON. CHAMISA:  On a point of order Hon. Speaker Sir.  I really want to appreciate Hon Shamu’s contribution and I am following very closely but there is an issue that was raised here and I am seeking the indulgence of you as the Chair to just clarify matters.  There is this ‘private lounge’, which some Members were saying is being run by Hon. Shamu.  I just wanted to get the guidance and clarification.

THE HON. SPEAKER:  Where is the lounge?

HON. CHAMISA:  It is some notorious place; you have not been there Hon. Speaker, I can understand – [Laughter].

 THE HON. SPEAKER:  Where is the lounge?

HON. CHAMISA:  In Harare Street.

THE HON. SPEAKER: In Harare Street, so what about that lounge?

HON. CHAMISA:  May be it is unfortunate that you were not here when the debate was unfolding.


HON. CHAMISA: It is a very serious issue that was raised by Hon. Members that this so-called lounge is being used as a centre for abusing women.   The name that has come is to say it is being run by Hon. Shamu.

THE HON. SPEAKER:  So, what is the point of order?

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