Msipa says Zimbabwean doctors are just as good so why seek treatment outside

Former Midlands provincial governor Cephas Msipa says Zimbabweans must use local health facilities instead of going overseas for treatment because the country’s doctors and nurses are just as good.

He said this at the opening of a US$1 million casualty ward at the Gweru Provincial Hospital funded by Unki Platinum Mining. It was not clear who he was referring to but one of the people that have consistently sought treatment outside the country is President Robert Mugabe. 

“Do we really have to go outside the country for treatment? We should be proud of our own health care services. Our doctors and nurses are capable and compete well with other health professionals in other countries. There is no need for people to go to India and other countries to seek medical attention because our own practitioners are equally competent,” Msipa said, adding:

“Some people always say go to India for treatment but I have always refused. I have sought treatment at our local hospitals in Harare where I have received tremendous reception and medical care as well as attended to by various specialists.”

Health Minister David Parirenyatwa said Msipa was one of the few that had the guts to speak out his mind even in the politburo. 

“Msipa is one of the few people who is free to say out things which most of us will not be able to say in ZANU-PF politburo meetings. At times there are sensitive issues which we feel should not be discussed in the politburo meeting but vaMsipa always raises these issues when everyone will be afraid to talk about them.”



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